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The Adventures Of Pete The Purple Dinosaur

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Pete the Purple Dinosaur and the Halloween Quest
One dark and foggy night Pete the Purple Dinosaur was at his post guarding the castle when he heard unusual sound, he crept very quietly and slowly toward the sound. As he got closer to the sound he saw an eerie light. He waited for another sound before he went any closer, but there was nothing. he thought it was his imagination and he went back to his post, then Pete heard the sound again. He was sure that it was his imagination playing tricks on him so he stayed at his post. He soon heard the sound again and he thought “maybe its because I’m so tired. Its getting pretty late.” So Pete ignored the sound another time, but he should have known better. The Evil Dragon was still out there and he still wanted to find Elly, but he just let himself believe that he was getting tired. He had yet to know that The Evil Dragon was plotting a way to get to Elly. Because Pete let himself believe that he was tired he started to get tired. Pete slowly closed his eyes thinking, “I’m only going to sleep for just a little while, just...a…little...while..” Then Pete saw something so scary that he wasn’t tired at all! Pete heard a sound come from one of the towers and he ran to see what was wrong. Everyone was still asleep, even the other guards, they hadn’t heard anything, but Pete still ran up to Elly’s room in the far left tower to see. Pete just knew that Elly was in danger, and it was all his fault. He was sweating really hard by the time he got to Elly room. Pete kept thinking she was gone. When he got to her room he looked around and she was still there. Then Pete realized that the sound didn’t come from Elly’s room, it came from Izzy’s. He ran over to the next tower where Izzy’s room was and she was gone! He couldn’t believe she was gone. His heart was breaking when he realized that he could have save her and killed The Evil Dragon. Pete started to cry, “Oh no, not again. Now I gotta go find her and save her from The Evil Dragon before her parents freak.” Then Pete heard breathing, “ohmigosh she’s still in her bed too...wait..what the heck!? If both Elly and Izzy are still in their beds then whose tower was it that the noise came from?” He couldn’t think of who it could be, so he sat there and thought real hard. “Well…” he thought to himself, “the noise came from the east of the castle...oh no! That’s where the king and queen’s tower is! Well crap! the king is out of the kingdom on special king business, so that means The Evil Dragon has the queen. She’s gonna kill me after I save her!” Pete thought as he ran towards her room. To his disappointment the queen really was gone. “I am going to to be dead when this quest is over. I have to save her before the king gets back. He can’t know about this! I only have three days and in three days is...oh no! In three days it’s Halloween! Aww man! Who’s going to keep the girls safe while I save the queen? This so far is the worst Halloween ever! First the queen is...

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