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The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Essay

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is one of those well-written fictions which can drive the readers right into the plot and can make you dissolve into the whole plot. It becomes really difficult to stop going through the whole plot once you have started reading it. It is that strength of words which has been efficiently utilized by the author making this whole book a real adventure for the readers. Once the readers have started the book, it is their utmost desire to finish each and every adventure in the very first go. The way the author has crafted the whole fiction is marvelous and being on top of his trait, one can give a firm assurance about the fact that there would not be anyone out there who reads this fiction and don’t like it.
To subdivide the whole plot, there has been three sections which can be used to describe the whole book in one go. The style which the author has utilized to write the whole book up is almost the similar one and the uniqueness in his writing has made this whole thing so beautiful. The division of the whole plot into three main categories constituting upon the plot, narrator and the characters can help develop a good understanding about the book. The author has beautifully utilized his strengths over these three main elements and has made sure that as the basics go right, the whole fiction falls right in the balance with the story.
Starting from the plot, there has been a distinct element in the author’s writing that the plots have seemed to be similar to each other. There have been some adventures in the whole book and the plot of most of them shows resemblance with each other. Considering The Red-Headed League and the Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, the way the culprit tries to make the whole situation feasible for the robbery and the way Sherlock Holmes tries to make the culprit fall in his trap show quite a bit of similarities in them. In the former one, the thief tries to set-up a red-headed man to make the way clear for his negative ambitions. He tries to get the whole atmosphere around him favorable to make his move and go for the robbery (Doyle 33). In the later one, how he tries to make sure that the robbed object falls in his palms show a similar style of concluding a plot. He, as in the former one, first tries to calm the air around him and then tries to rob the carbuncle though no one gets a hint of it (Doyle 99). It helps to develop a proper understanding about how the writer is going to play his cards and help the readers develop more interest in the whole story. When thwriter changes his theme suddenly, it makes the readers gasp on the whole situation in surprise, which has been the characteristic of Sir Doyle throughout the whole book.
In his whole story, Doctor John Watson has played the role of a narrator which holds another distinct element in this whole book. The style of narration of Doctor Watson has been simple and his straightforward approach to exhibit the whole situation has helped...

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