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The Adventures Of Sora Vesna Essay

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I stood in front of the entrance to Yoshi’s Magic Academy, the greatest magic school in the entire world located on Caesar Island, built when The Great War of the 12 Kingdoms ended.
The 12 kingdoms were Arabia, Skyle, Hrothgar, Tamriel, Leam, Mazos, Orath, Kyuugan, Bygien, Yulez, Daryu, and the Fyrths.
“This is hard to believe true that I, Sora Vesna, the first person to be born without any trace of magic in the world in centuries, even before The Great War Started.”
I sigh and glanced back up to the entrance, and headed towards the entrance of the school to attend the ceremony that was about to begin in order welcome the first years before school officially starts tomorrow.
“There’s so ...view middle of the document...

Sarah’s magic tool is her own bunny, who she calls her companion. Sarah’s rabbit has the power to cure diseases and heal other people and it’s powers seems to originate from the Beijing Rabbit God, Tu’ er Ye.
I reached down to pick up the sheath that held my precious sword.
“That’s a beautiful sword you have there Sora, It’s a shame someone as clumsy as you can’t even accidentally set it on fire.”
“Sarah, I feel very much insulted, but i’ll let it slide since we’re going to be late for the entrance ceremony soon.”
“What!? Hurry it up then!”
We arrived at the site where the entrance ceremony was going to begin. It is a large open area with large thin trees surrounding the area in a circle as if it was for an ancient ritual of some sort. The tree’s branches tower over us, blocking the sun’s blinding light of the tropic area and giving us some shade. Sarah started to nudge me to get my attention.
“I’m glad we were able to make it on time! It would be horrendous if we missed the traditional ceremony that is done every year.”
“Shush now, someone is starting to speak.”
The curtains were drawn and a petite young girl entered the podium on the stage. She didn’t look like much, but had an intimidating presence that was important enough to give out a speech in front of such a large group.
“Welcome to Yoshi’s Academy of Magic! We welcome you with open arms and with no ill intent. I wish to welcome those who managed to pass the entrance exam to enter the academy and also the harsh physical exam that was required to test your skills.”
The physical test, it was definitely hard indeed, but I was lucky that the examiner was required to go easy during the examination so people could actually manage to pass the exam. I barely passed using just my skills at martial arts.
“Ahem! Sora, pay attention to the speech, this is why you are such a clumsy rabbit.”
I ignored her comment and focused my attention on the short girl, who was now telling us the rules of the academy.
“Hey Sarah, Do you know who that is?”
“What? You don’t know who she is? Well, It’s expected of an idiot.”
I elbowed her for calling me an idiot.
“Hey… If you know, then just tell me, no need to make fun of me.”
She gave me a evil look for elbowing her, but she continued.
“That’s Flora Heinz, the school’s top student and the most powerful magician in the entire continent. She is known to be one of the descendants of the Leam Empire’s King.”
“Really? The Great War was ended centuries ago, her family tree managed to survive to this day? Plus she’s like the shortest high scho-”
I didn’t manage to finish my sentence when a bolt of ice flew towards me with intent to kill. I spun around and deflected the ice with the back of my foot and it shattered into crystals. I looked towards the stage and saw wisps of frost floating up from the so called descendant of the Leam Empire’s King.
“Hey! That’s dangerous, even if you’re special you can’t just hurl a piece of ice at me.”
She stared at me with cold eyes as if...

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