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The G.L.R isn't a ship of power or stealth, it doesn't even have any unique weaponry. What it does have however is a family - a slightly dysfunctional family who yell, scream and kick eachother. They may all not be blood related but they act as if they were.

The G.L.R was whirring away through the still, open space. The day was normal, according to the local galactic weather report - which the crew heard as they pick up a alien signal from their intercom - was to be clear with slight meteor showers.

Again the crew were bickering over a topic discussed at great length, which still didn't have a resolve. Who should be captain?

The two youngest crew members argued that they would be best suited. Wave, the blue Semaloid, had a unique approach.

The Semaloids aren't the most trusted of alien species, what with their humanoid features and their disputes amongst their three home planets. It is unusual to have Semaloids outside their cluster. They also tend not to do well in groups.

"I should be captain!" yelled Wave, her hands on her hips, face pouting and her water blue locks curtaining her face. "I'm the second youngest meaning I have a more understanding on how the world now works, unlike you oldies."

"I'm only 21!" screamed the two eldest.

"I'm older than you though!" This was Niracos, the green Semaloid, agruement all the time. She may have been only a few months older than Damion - the orange Semaloid - but he felt that he should be captain. His arguement infuriated the other girls.

"I'm stuck on a ship with four women! Let me have at least something fun!" he'd say, his arms folded over his chest.

This would then spark a fight between him and Niraco. Which they would then laugh about in ten minutes after they had worn eachother out.

This would give Synergii, the young red Semaloid, an opportunity to speak up. "I should be captain! I'm the smartest and I matured longer than you-"

She was then cut off by her older sister Niraco. "You're just a baby, baby's need to learn how to walk before they can lead a ship."

Of course in Niraco's mind she was thinking about what was best for her sister and not seeing how insensitive she was being.

Syngerii stormed out of the bridge and into her own cabin.

"Was it something I said?"

Cayleon - the yellow Semaloid - slapped her forehead. She was the only one who wouldn't argue. She didn't want to be captain, her job was hard enough without the pressure of leading a ship. Whenever this argument arose she would work on the ships Artificial Intelligent. Rongo. The ship originally came with the A.I, but all it did was auto-pilot the ship and maybe give out warnings to incoming dangerous. Cayloen had turned the basic A.I into one they could be proud of.

She was always making augustness to the A.I. Her biggest breakthrough was getting the A.I into a robot. She had limited resources and this was groundbreaking for the crew.

"What do you think...

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