The Negative Effects Of Barbie Dolls On Young Girls

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Children need to have good role models to look up to. A good role model includes being ambitious and doing good deeds. Most little girls look up to the doll named Barbie. The doll has played a very important roll in many childhoods. She was introduced in the 50’s and manufactured by Mattel. Barbie is an up beat character and is always up to date on the latest trends. She has long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes that go with her perfect makeup, and is tied all together by her medium tanned curvacious body. Barbie is portrayed as being the girl that everyone wants to be or at least be around. Barbie has a boyfriend named Ken and a little sister named Skipper. Over the years many dolls have been introduced as Barbie’s friends as well as several different ethnicities, cultures, religions, disabilities, and even mythical dolls such as mermaids. She first started out as a fashion designer and as time has gone by the doll is now marketed as having all types of careers from being a barista all the way to being a doctor. The doll typically comes with an extra outfit and accessories. Mattel even sells dream houses and many different cars for Barbie. She has a book club that sends books out monthly and here recently started coming out with straight to DVD movies. I get a Barbie magazine every month that sells designer Barbies that are based of celebrities and movie characters. The last magazine I got I was surprised to see a Barbie with tattoos and her own motorcycle. Her job is to promote happiness, success, and inspire little girls all over the world. All of these things sound like a perfectly reasonable children’s toy so why are some countries banning the doll?
Barbie has been banned in a few countries for her revealing clothing. Many religions do not approve of the doll for the same reasons. Barbie has been linked to many different disorders in young girls. Teenagers who are bulimic and anorexic are saying they are disappointed that they don’t have a Barbie figure. The girls that grew up with Barbie are now adults and as children they had in their mind that they would grow up to be Barbie. They expect to grow up perfect. Barbie has everything. She has the perfect hair, makeup, and body. Myself as a teenager bleached my hair until it literally started falling out and started wear extensions to have long hair. Tanning was a must as well as trying to find clothes that made my legs look longer. Now that I am older, I realize none of that was necessary. I should have stopped bleaching my hair when it started falling out. The whole tanning thing is bad on a whole other level. I actually own my own tanning business. I have tanned so much that I don’t have any pigments left and stay pale. Barbie has long pretty legs. I am 6ft tall and mostly leg there was no reason for trying to make myself look like I had longer legs. My teenage self could never stick to trying to be anorexic although I did try and was very fast to try any...

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