The Adverse Effects Of Oil Spills

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Abstract: Oceanitis G.W’s main goal through this project is to open the eyes of our school, California, the United States, and the world, to the adverse effects of oil spills and a revolutionary way of cleaning them up. We plan on demonstrating the usefulness of hair and how it absorbs crude oil when haphazardly spilled. Also, we plan to demonstrate how hair can be used as a type of fertilizer before and after it has soaked up oil. This activity is meant to show that the current methods of cleaning up oil are inferior and too costly and too slow. If we can get the world to take hair and make them into these mats, then we can prevent oil spills from spreading and destroying the environment that we live in.
Problem: “Breaking news! An oil tanker just sank in Sri Lanka dumping almost 10,000 tons of crude oil into the ocean!” Oil spills are just one of the biggest problems oceans face around the world. Now, you may think that oil spills do not transpire that often. This is partly true because since the 1970’s, regulations have been made that make sure oil spills do not occur[Cite] However, it is still a major problem due to more and more structures (name a few) in our oceans and insufficient/meager space. When an oil tanker collides with an object, the tanker is usually going at an accelerated speed that would create a rupture in the hull. This causes the oil which the tanker was carrying to discharge or spill which then leads to catastrophic consequences. A tanker, when ruptured, does not just spill one gallon of oil, but it spills (either say ‘thousands and thousands’ or ‘hundreds of thousands) of gallons of oil into the surrounding ecosystems. This has many repercussions; not only does it damage the ecosystem for a prolonged period of time, but it also kills many native animals that live in the area as well. As we all know, this is very destructive for the environment and it is also very detrimental for us– the human race.
Introduction: After the oil spills, we do not just leave it there to be encompassed around the world. (Add a “transitioning sentence here to the next sentence)To clean up the oil spill, there are many techniques in practice today such as situ burning– where they burn the oil or they may use a process that contains the oil and then vacuum it off the surface of the water. However, all of these processes take a long time to do and by the time before anyone could service the control of the oil spill, the oil has already spread many miles across the ocean making the problem even more difficult to contain. Also, processes like situ burning release toxic fumes into the atmosphere making CO2 emissions in the water start to skyrocket. Fortunately, there is a better, cheaper, and more efficient way of cleaning up oil spills that should be implemented immediately. By using waste hair from humans or animals that come from salons, barbers, groomers, etc., this hair will be weaved into mats and can be used to clean up oil spills. Our...

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