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The Affair Of The Necklace, Marie Antionette 's Exubernat Appetitte For Exotic Jewels Has Taken Its Toll On The 3rd Estate .

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On Christmas day of the year 1783 the bluching 16 yrs old Austrian Princess soon to be Queen of France arrived at the French Court.As day strolled by the EMpire grew bigger under the newly appointed minister of Finance .As the EMpire Grew booth militarily and economically as did the Royals need for acquiring huge wealth.Wealth was everywhere in the exuberant building the expensive looking architecture the musems on the Rue Royale.Money was pouring in the economy so fast and half of which ended in the Royals hands .One Royal in Particular was so high mantineance that it took the equivelant of "four pieces of jewelery a week to satisfy her evergrowing apetitte for lush expensive diamonds and precious stones the world over." quotes her Estate Jewler.The Queen bored with the usual assortment of mounts and jewels her jeweler provided. Threatend him that if he does not come up with an interesting and exubernt necklace set soon he would wish he was brittish and that meant death. Marie Antionette had seventeen toy dogs from a breed called Pug , they were always bejewled with diammonds and rubies when she was present.The Jewler using the governments tax money bought the most expensive jewles avaliable form India ,Eygpt , Turkey and South America. He spent nearly all the money acquiring the black gold and the jewels and mounts and the hands (jewlers from all over the world particpated in the design of this lavish necklace).Jaenne Elles Marques Le Luc , Daughter of the Marquee of Bath , was Marie Antionette's...

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