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“The Affect Helen Has On Her Family”

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Before Annie’s arrival, the Keller family gets affected by Helen’s disabilities in many ways. Helen’s disabilities and her stubborn behavior made her parents pity her. With this pity that was provided by her parents, made Helen a spoiled child. Helen’s inexorable behavior resulted in a lot of fights at her house.
Captain Keller pities Helen. We can see that he pities Helen in his line: “Keller: Whatever it was. Deprived child, the least she can have are the little things she wants.” However, Captain does not realize that by offering these ‘little things’, it is making Helen spoilt. At the same time he gets very annoyed and irritated by her behavior. We can see that ...view middle of the document...

Kate is also, almost all the time concerned about Helen. This is why she insists Captain to write a letter to a doctor. Another example would be when Captain asks Kate, “Keller. Katie. How many times can you let them break your heart?” and Kate responds, “Kate. Any number of times.”
As for James, Helen’s brother, is always sarcastic and throughout the play, he is disgusted by Helen. An ideal example of James’s sarcasm can be seen in his first line: “James: She only dug Martha's eyes out. Almost dug. It's always almost, no point worrying till it happens, is there?” Another example that shows that he doesn’t like Helen is that he suggests his parents to send Helen to an asylum, “James. Some asylum. It’s the kindest thing. ” Also, James is very displeased by Helen’s appearance. This can be seen in his line: “James. Half-sister, and half—mentally defective, she can’t even keep herself clean. It’s not pleasant to see her about all the time. ” This displeasure he gets by seeing Helen makes him angry at house, but he shows his anger in the form of sarcasm. James’s parents would often get cross with his sarcastic personality. One can see that Captain and Kate get angry at James in the following lines: “Kate. Do you dare? Complain of what...

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