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The Affect Human Rights Has On History

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It is hard to conceptualize the world without human rights, but if that were a possibility the world would be an extremely different place. Today, more fortunate people often take humans rights for granted. Furthermore, most adolescents in more developed countries seem to forget that throughout history the struggle for human rights was a coarse journey, and that some people were not as prosperous as many individuals are today. Human rights is a very broad spectrum that includes many specific rights that may include, right to equality, right to freedom, right of innocence until proven guilty, and freedom from discrimination and many other virtuous aspects of life. Ignoring human rights has ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, another sequence of rejecting human rights is the inequality of races which conveys the misconduct of people. The issue of racism and segregation has been a constant battle throughout history that has affected the world in many negative ways. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, “Segregation goes against human rights because everyone is supposed to be treated as an equal, not separated as races” (Maney). The problematic situation of segregation is not only heavily noted in history, but from start to finish in To Kill a Mockingbird. This unfair treatment was evident during the trial when Tom Robinson was assumed to be guilty just because he was a man of African American race. Likewise, the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms further states that, “The rights protected by the Convention forbid discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or religion” (“Convention”). There are numerous examples of violations of this particular right such as, the issue of slavery which lasted for centuries, the Rosa Parks Trial, the Jim Crow laws, and thousands of other unnoted incidents. These frequent acts of inequality of races are defying the liberties that are obtained by all people. Thankfully today, the abuse of this concept is beginning to minimize which is causing the unfair treat of individuals to diminish along with it.
Additionally, the neglect of women's rights has also permitted unfair treatment of women all over the world. In past and still possibly in the present, women have been considered inferior to men. Women have been deprived of the right to vote, have limited or no participation in government, considered to be less fit for a job position, and must be held to certain standards in society, etc. Women’s rights activist, Charlotte Bunch, declared that, “a significant number of the worlds population are routinely subject to humiliation and manipulation simply because they are female”. (Bunch) The lack of consideration towards women’s...

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