The Affects Of Internet On Work

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Like so many others, I too celebrate the invention of the internet as well its integration into our everyday lives. It has become a necessary tool in business all across the world. People use the internet to communicate and to exchange ideas with others across the globe. Working for a fence company, I can explain from first hand experience how the internet has changed the way business is done.There are so many web pages the can help someone do everything from bake a cake to rebuild a carburetor. One way they have dramatically improved my work life is the web page Map Quest. Since I work sales, I have to travel everyday. I use this website to print pages of maps as well step-by-step instructions to the location of the prospective client. Another feature with this resource is the ability to time out my route perfectly. It gives the distance between the two locations as well an approximate time it will take to get there. Before, the only resource available was something called a Key Map. They were huge binders with thousands of pages mapping out the entire county. It's not so easy driving with an orange mammoth on your lap! Luckily, with the internet, all I have to do is spend 2 minutes to find and print myself instructions. The pages are more easily accessible and can be stored away in a folder or recycled.When it comes to money I, like most Americans, always try to get the sweeter half of any deal. I detested it when I would be out shopping and found a particular item recently I purchased at another store for a lesser selling price. I couldn't get mad? How was I to know? Fortunately, now with the internet it is possible to view many businesses websites in search of hot deals. I use this method when I shop for building materials. When producing fences, it is wiser to shop in bulk. Whether it is a pallet of 60lb bags of RediMix or a bundle of pressure treated pickets, it is...

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