The Affects Of Peer Pressure And Drugs

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The Affects Of Peer Pressure & Drugs


Peer Pressure is undeniably avoidable in adolescent development. There are many types of peer pressure. These types include: Individual, direct, and indirect. What are these? Individual peer pressure can be explained as self pressure. In other words, it is pressure that comes from one’s own self. Being and feeling different from a group of friends or a certain clique can cause hardship, stress, and insecurity. What does this look like? One might drastically change their style of clothing, music, the way they carry themselves, and how they talk. Common ways of trying to fit in include, experimenting with drugs that one is not in full understanding of and this can further emotional damage to them. Another
type of peer pressure is direct peer pressure. What is this? Direct peer pressure
may be an individual or group of people going to the person and telling them what they should do, be, and say. This is an act of bullying. The final and last type of peer pressure is indirect peer pressure. This type of peer pressure is not always obvious and may be the more common and more damaging of the three. It is common for one to have different groups of friends especially in such a diverse world we live in today.
There is a common saying “You are who you surround yourself with”. One may start to conform to the actions of others without being directly influenced or individually influenced, and before they know it, a dangerous path is gone down. Who is affected by peer pressure? This varies in age but most commonly, when a child leaves home and starts attending school full time, it marks an important time in their life and will prove to show who and what they will develop into. This period of youth can also be recognized as the more formative years. There is a great deal of research and studies done on why peer pressure has taken such control over teens. “School-age children spend most of their time surrounded by their peers. Classmates, teammates and fellow club members far outnumber the adults in students' lives. Peer pressure can become a formidable influence in the lives of children in grades two through twelve.” (Kampf,
2011) From birth through the age of 5 before starting kindergarten, a child is influenced by their family. These influences include, behavior, likes, dislikes, how they dress, talk, faith, and morals. Once a child enters school they are now surrounded by children from different influences, families, and morals. There are negative and positive affects in peer pressure. “About 30 percent of students are offered drugs by their friends in middle or high school. Just over 75 percent of high school students have tried alcohol. Half of all teenagers feel pressured by their peers about sexual activity. In a survey conducted by Survelum Public Data Bank, students felt pressured by their peers between 35 and 49 percent of the time.”
(Kampf, 2011). Seeing as...

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