The Affects Of Prime Minister Sir. Robert Menzies And The Turn Around Of Austraila's Economy During His Stint As Prime Minister.

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Sir Robert Menzies stint as a prime minister for Australia lasted from 1949 to 1966. During this period Australia experienced such an increase in prosperity that it raises the question: Was Sir Robert Menzies the sole reason why the Australian economy was so successful during the time he spent as Prime Minister or was it due to outs? Australia has been influenced very heavily by America, the high point of this influence was between the 1940's and the 1980's. The influence was the strongest but not limited in the areas of social and political aspects of the country. Before the World War II Australia was predominantly a British settlement, with little outside influence.Directly after WWII Australia became a new nation, it was no free of Great Britian's control and was responsible for itself. With the freedom to make decisions independent of Britian's intervention in that process, the new responsibilities seemed more then they could handle. In July of 1945 the Commonwealth government set up a ministry of Works and Housing, and in September negotiated an agreement to provide federal funding towards the construction of low -cost rental house for those who could not afford to buy and own a home. Another problem needing to be addressed was that of education. It was tested that about 4% of the incoming army that served in WWII were literate. This was due to the fact that they had to leave their schooling early to serve in the war. With the population increasing the government saw that they would in the future, need more higher-level education jobs such as doctors, scientists, lawyers, teachers etc.Like American the fear of Communism dominated political debate, and between the years of 1945 and 1951 membership of the Communist Party in Australia feed from its wartime peak of 23,000. It was rejected at voting polls more consistently then in any other parliamentary democracy outside of North America.In 1945 the Australian Council of Trade Unions established agreed with three major industrial demands: A substantial increase in wage, an end to wage pegging, and a 40 hour week. In 1949 the face of the Australian government changed, the House of Representatives was enlarged to 48 members bring the total membership to 123. Senate representation was also increased from 36 to 60; ten members were to be chosen from each Australian territory.In 1950 the abolition of petrol (oil) rationing finally happened after it had been in place since the late 1930's. This removal of this rationing occurred because of the increase in farm profits, and the need to fuel the increase in the amount of machines used on farms and the use of cars by citizens. It had not been removed earlier because of the fear of inflation, nonetheless the removed the rationing law, and inflation did increase but not as badly as expected. However it did pose a problem for the government beginning in 1951, luckily the threat of communism provided a convenient smokescreen for the government to hide behind...

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