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The Affects Of Sleep On School Performance

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Is sleep really that important to do well in school? Depriving yourself of sleep can affect overall academic success through school. However, many people refute this belief, and instead acknowledge their own false belief. They believe that following a sleep schedule doesn't do any good, and instead believe that it doesn't matter how many hours are spent sleeping. It is crucial to sleep enough hours every night in order to maintain satisfactory performance in school as well as good grades, even though many people believe that following a sleep schedule everyday to get the right amount of rest needed is not important.

Firstly, sleeping to little can affect overall performance in school in relation to extra curricular activities and focus in class. Evidence suggests that getting the recommended 9 hours of sleep nightly can improve overall academic success in school. Dennis Rosen, associate director of the Sleep Disorders Program at the Children Hospital Boston says, "There's more and more information showing insufficient sleep affects cognitive ability, and emotional and physical well-being.” Depending on the age of your child, AASM suggests that your child gets a different amount of sleep; “infants: 14-15 hours, toddlers: 12-14 hours, preschoolers: 11-13 hours, children in grade school 10-11, and teenagers 9-10 hours. In conclusion, poor sleep habits can affect overall performance in school, affecting a students cognitive ability.

Furthermore, poor sleep may result in poor grades and an overall weak grade point average (GPA). The fetters of poor sleep may be the cause as to why students do poorly on work and have a low GPA. As evidence provided by Howard Taras, an M.D at The National Parenting Center stated that, “Of all the health problems investigated, poor sleep was among the most unexpected and definitive causes of poor academic achievement.” As well, research suggests that “a higher-GPA students awakened later on school days, awoke earlier on weekends, had fewer night-time awakenings and other signs of good sleep habits.” People fail to address that incorrect sleep patterns affect a students overall ability to function in class, which effects their grades and, in turn, damages their final GPA.
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