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The Affects Of The Human Genome Project On Society

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The Affects of the Human Genome Project on Society

Today’s society has an ever growing thirst for knowledge as we have for many hundreds of years now. Scientists work around the clock studying the affects of nearly everything they can think of to conduct experiments on. This quest for knowledge is the supposed start to a better life for man kind and ultimately a world without disease or hunger. The human genome project is one that has been going on for about 20 years. This project set out to map, down to the last detail, every part of the human DNA structure (“Human”). The project has recently been completed and the scientists are now starting another project with their newly found information, to cure mankind of its ailments. Although there are many positive things that can come of this recent discovery, there are many adverse affects that society is not yet fully aware of and as the experiments and test results come in, more and more will society be blinded to the downsides of genetic research because of the glitz, glamour, and promises provided by the corporations and universities

This paper will not just hone in on the recently completed human genome project but will also take a look at the many adverse affects of what is now possibly to come if the science of human perfection is to continue unchecked. The possibilities for this new science are great, but without the general public guiding it every step of the way, the universities and corporations will be free to do as they wish. With the power to change life on this planet as we know it, the teams of scientists may ultimately one day have the ability to control what is happening through nearly every second of our life: what we eat, what we drink, what happens with our weather patterns, and the most important point of all … what the new standard of the human being could well be. This would mean that people of much power would be the ones setting the standards for life on this planet while we as a people have no say in the outcome of the decisions that are made (Mander, 162).

Since the invasion of the western culture on the rest of the world, a new standard of science has emerged. This new breed of scientist digs for answers wherever he/she thinks that they may be found, with no compassion for the environment around them or the outcome of those actions. The modern day scientist seems to have a problem with accepting nature for the way it is and instead, is trying to constantly rearrange it for the proclaimed reason of, the good of man. DNA research began over twenty years ago because, mankind has always had a lust for how we work and operate. DNA, it was found, seemed to be the blueprint for how the human genetic structure worked and operated. This was where science obviously needed to be headed as it was after all, the possible key to all of mankind’s questions of itself. Some years after, the massive project began known as the Human Genome Project. The project...

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