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The Affordable Care Act Essay

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The Affordable Care Act (ACE) also known as “Obamacare” was signed into law on March 23,2010 and with that Law in place came a new resolution on Health care in America that was revolution towards healthcare in which was always put down and never made it this far (Dolgin & Dieterich, 2011p.45). The Affordable Care Act was a major step towards health care since Lyndon B Johnson’s 1965 creation of Medicare and Medicaid (Dolgin & Dieterich, 2011p.45). It has been the basis of Obama’s presidential campaign since he took office and since the signing in 2010 the ACA or “Obamacare” has been in the media ever since (Dolgin & Dieterich, 2011p.45). There has been major opposition to it, and already two ...view middle of the document...

One of the great arguments I liked on why there is so much opposition is a quote from Dr.McDonough’s article on the ACA. “Unappreciated in this chaotic political environment is that the ACA is the first U.S. law to attempt comprehensive reform touching nearly every aspect of our health system” (McDonough, 2012). “Even President Lyndon Johnson's achievement in establishing Medicare and Medicaid in 1965 was more narrowly focused” (McDonough, 2012)
These are some major problems of the law it was passed so quickly because of the uncertain circumstances of the long time democrat of Jack Kennedy that many argue the bill was not thoroughly looked at from actually benefiting the people (Jacobson,Kousser &Vavreck, 2014)
Overall the Law might have some benefits toward the people however it causes much controversy rather then action.

A brief introduction to the bill
The Affordable care acts goal was to increase the number of Americans with adequate health insurance (Dalen , 2011).The AFA firstly by expanding Medicare creates a creating a state based insurance that will offer insurance for people without health insurance. The major part of the law is that it expands the eligibility for Americans and legal immigrants who make up to 133%of the federal poverty level (Dolgin & Dieterich, 2011p.53). It also has a mandate if a states should not implement exchange by 2014 the united states department of health and human services is authorized by the act to create and run that states exchange (Dolgin & Dieterich, 2011p.54). The one last important fact that I must provide is the AFA includes basic services including among services such as hospitalization emergency services hospitalization prescription drugs maternity and newborn care mental health treatment vision and oral services and wellness services (McDonough, 2012). With a country in which a quarter of its population who can’t afford health insurance its great to see a universal insurance that would benefit the poor and middle class however the major reason why there is such hostility for the AFA is that the mandate in which every person in the United States must have health insurance and if there is no compulsion to it there is a penalty (Grillo-Lopez, 2010). Because of the broad mandate the law has its not focused and that’s why there is so much opposition to the Law (McDonough, 2012).
Even before the AFA was singed in 2010 there was constant opponents from different political and interest groups (Dolgin & Dieterich , 2011 p.45). Most of the opposition came form the conservative advocacy groups (Dolgin & Dieterich , 2011 p.45). Some of the major opponents are the GOP party in particular the emerging Tea party group members and different interest groups that focus on less federal government influence such as the interest group such as the Ethics and Public Policy sector which representative James C Capretta talked about a need to repeal Obama care and co authored a book (Miller , Capretta & Turner, 2012)....

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