The Affordable Care Act Is Necessary Social Reform

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The Affordable Care Act is President Obama’s signature piece of legislation which intends to reform health care laws. This comprehensive bill has the best of intentions for the average citizen. According to the American Public Health Association, one in five Texans are uninsured. This leads to the individual not receiving preventative care nor does the individual seek treatment for illness or injury in a timely fashion. By the same token,this results in nearly forty percent of the health care costs of the uninsured being passed on in the form of higher premiums to responsible Texans. This legislation is valuable for five measurable reasons.

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These Accountable Care Organizations are projected to save millions for taxpayers and save the Medicare Trust Fund millions of dollars. Subsequently,the Affordable Care Act also protects senior citizens and those with pre-existing conditions. One of the best aspects of the legislation is that it phases out the “donut hole” that was created by the prescription drug law of 2003. According to the administration, since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act it has saved eight million senior citizens ten million dollars. Under the Affordable Care Act’s Medicare Advantage, a program through which private insurers provide coverage to Medicare beneficiaries, has remained strong. Since the law passed, average Medicare Advantage premiums are down by more than 9 percent, enrollment in plans has increased by 38 percent and the quality of plans has steadily gotten better.

Ultimately and Most important, the Affordable Care Act delivers peace of mind to every Texan by guaranteeing essential rights when doing business with health insurance companies. Premiums are not allowed to be higher for women simply for being female, nor can manual laborers be charged more because they perform hard physical labor. Premiums are now lower and millions of Americans have access to obtain health insurance coverage. The Affordable Care Act seems to be...

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