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The African American College Dropout Rate

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Throughout the years the dropout rate of African Americans has increased and decreased. Many people look at black students as if they sit there and do not learn anything at all but we do try. Some may think that the only reason the black students drop out is because their grades, but that’s not true. Some dropout because of financial pressure, health problems, mental, emotional, and social issues, and may not have family support.
“Blacks have been historically been under represented for the past years” (Herndon 489). I definitely agree with him, but on the other hand Sander feels differently. He says basically that “blacks that go to highly selective schools they are more likely to fail” (Sander 5). That is really not true because there are very smart AfricanAmericans out here that can make it in highly selective schools. It seems to me that it’s a racial issue. Most people look at you and if you are black they seem to stereotype. For example “Why you out of class so early.” said Mia. “I had a test today and it was only 10 problems!” said Kristin. “Dang and you out this early, you failed!” said Mia. That was unnecessary and not even called for at all.
AfricanAmerican seem to me we put each other down most of the time. We need to help each other better our self as a person and school wise. People look at us as if we cannot get into college or school of our choice. We have to prove to them that we...

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