The African Elephants And The Asian Elephants

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Have you ever visited a zoo when you were a child? Did you see any large land mammals called elephants? I believe most of you already know the physical appearance of a creature called elephant. However, do you know that elephants are classified into two different types, which are the African and the Asian types? Although the African and the Asian elephants come from the same family taxonomy, each of them shares some differences, such as, the physical characteristics, the living conditions, and the distribution areas.
First of all, I would like to tell you about the three important aspects of the African elephants. They weigh around 2,268 to 6,350 kg. The lengths of their bodies are around six to seven and a half meter away. If you ever notice, each of them has a pair of gigantic ears which shaped resemble to the African continent. Their huge ears are very useful to cool-down their body temperatures from the hot African weather. As you already know that every elephant has a trunk. African elephants have two opposite pointy finger at the tip of their trunks. Beside their trunk, they have strong tusks which are known as their firm teeth. Both males and females have tusks. The heights of the tusks are around one and a half to two and four meter long and it weigh around 23 kg to 45 kg. The next aspect is about their living conditions. They form a group consist of ten individuals, which are the female elephants and their infants, while the males usually wander somewhere else by their own. In wet season, usually a baby elephant is born. It takes around two and a half to nine years to wait for a single baby to be born. When male elephants are entering the puberty stage, they usually leave their natal group and join with the other males group. Aside from the physical characteristics and the living conditions, African elephants have two different distribution areas. There are two subspecies of African elephants, which are the African savanna elephants and the African forest elephants. The savanna (bush)...

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