The African Pygmy Genocide Essay

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"They started killing people and eating them ... I saw them cutting up human flesh, then they were putting it on a fire to grill it. I got scared and ran away, not knowing what else happened behind me." a quote from Amuzati N, a Bambuti Pygmy who escaped a massacre by a rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was just one of the many atrocities the African Pygmies has experienced in the past. Pygmies are the indigenous people of Africa. For millions of years they lived in the jungles of Congo, where they maintained their unique relationship with nature. But the mid-1970s, the Mobutu government, a government led by Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu wa Za Banga who was the President of Republic of the Congo decided that many of the lush Congo forests were National Parks, and the pygmy people were evicted. The eviction wasn’t the genocide itself but it was a large contributor on how it will leave the people ...view middle of the document...

. These people are the inventors of the “Paleo Diet” The Paleo Diet is a diet that the cavemen used to use. If a caveman couldn't eat it, neither can you. This means anything we could hunt or find; meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional vegetables, and seeds, so in their natural habitat the pygmies are unusually healthy and free of disease, (which I will later explain why that makes them more of a target). When the people do get sick, they use only herbal medicine that they gather from the forest.
The Pygmy population was also a target of the Interahamwe during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. At that time there were 30,000 pygmies living in Rwanda, since both side of the war regarded the Pygmies as “sub-human”, two thirds of the pygmy population was wiped out 10,000 of them were killed and another 10,000 were displaced. These people are known as the “Forgotten Victims” of the genocide. The current Rwandan Pygmy population is about 33,000 and is rapidly declining
The Pygmy Genocide is still going on today with the ruthless Rwandan Government taking their homes and declaring them national parks forcing the Pygmies to be evicted. Today, the Pygmy people are treated as lepers or castaways and live on borrowed land that is hardly enough to feed their tribe. Most Pygmy women are forced to become prostitutes in order to feed their families. And although the mass killings are over the Pygmies are still left broken and separated with no land or money. The genocide is cooling down but still many tragedies are happening right now and there are many organizations that help but even that won't help the people. They are violated, sometimes even hunted for sport. Over time, they have retreated into the deepest most remote parts of the Congo River Basin in hopes they could avoid tribal militias. One of these groups was known to eat the pygmy people were the Les Effaceurs otherwise known as “The Erasers” who wanted to clear the land for mineral exploitation. By one estimate the total number of Pygmies killed, raped, and eaten in the Congo civil wars was roughly 90,000 or the entire population of Columbia, MD

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