The After Effects Of Hitler Essay

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The After Effects of Hitler

Hitler's actions during World War II had a profound effect on world society during the war, but the effects after the war were just as important, if not more important. During the war, Hitler's action outraged most of the world, yet his actions had effects on the entire world after the war as well. For instance, economically, countries involved in the war either benefited from the war in the form of jobs and industrial revolutions, or countries involved in the war, such as Germany, were crushed by it because of the tremendous debts and revolutions spawned by the weakening of the governments. The war also had a tremendous impact on society, anywhere from the creation of The United Nations world charter, to the forming of Neo-Nazi Parties around the world.

The visible effects of the war, such as the approximately twenty million dead1, were all obviously large impacts on society. The number of deaths that resulted from the war are overwhelming. Following is a list of deaths that were a direct result of battle:



Nation Peak strength Battle deaths
Australia 680,000 23,365
Belgium 650,000 7,760
Canada 780,000 37,476
China 5,000,000 2,200,000(1)
Denmark 25,000 3,006(2)
France 5,000,000 210,671
Greece 414,000 73,700(2)
India 2,150,000 24,338
Netherlands 410,000 6,238
New Zealand 157,000 10,033
Norway 45,000 1,000
Poland 1,000,000 320,000
USSR 12,500,000 7,500,000
Union of South Africa 140,000 6,840
United Kingdom 5,120,000 244,723
United States 12,300,000 292,131
Yugoslavia 500,000 410,000(2)


Nation Peak strength Battle deaths
Bulgaria 450,000 10,000(1)
Finland 250,000 82,000
Germany 10,200,000 3,500,000
Hungary 350,000 140,000
Italy 3,750,000 77,494(2)
Japan 6,095,000 1,219,000
Romania 600,000 300,000(1)

Taken from Groliers Encyclopedia2

After the war, Germany had a tremendous amount of debt to repay, in addition to...

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