The Effect Of Introducing A New Species To The Indigenous Population In An Environment

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The Effect of Introducing a New Species to the Indigenous Population in an Environment

There are numerous amounts of ways and examples of when people have
used Biological Control. This occurs when living organisms, such as
predators, pathogens and parasitism are used to control pest insects,
weeds, or diseases. This typically involves some human activity. There
are many different examples worldwide of how people have used
biological control. There are many advantages to using biological
control but also many disadvantages. It is not always the best idea to
move an animal from its habitat to another area. This is mainly
because it would not have its usual prey and would adjust to feed on
other living animals around it.

An example of biological control is the 'killer toad.' It was a
predator brought from Australia to South Ameria to feed on the sugar
cane beetle. Sugar canes fields were being destroyed by the sugar cane
beetles. To put an end to this, the killer toad was brought over. But
this was a terrible mistake. Although the killer toad destroyed of all
the sugar cane beetles, it also allowed itself to prey on other living
organisms. Even though the beetles had been wiped out by the toads,
the toads themselves were still

alive. They are spontaneous eaters and will eat anything they can fit
in their mouths, including insects, frogs, lizards, snakes and small
marsupials. They invaded wetland habitats and competed with the native
frogs. And their shoulders enable them to squirt a highly toxic venom
from a considerable distance, they poison anything that eats them,
including domestic pets.. For example, a dog can die 15 minutes after
eating a cane toad. If harmed by humans, the venom can cause a burning
sensation. Even today, there has not been a sign of a predator enabled
enough to prey on th 'killer toad'

Another example of biological control is the Klamath weed. This was a
European plant which was toxic to cattle and sheep and was first
noticed in northern California near the Klamath River. This weed grew
and spread rapidly. Within time, it spread over two million acres in a
range of thirty counties. As a result of the presence of this
particular weed, land values reduced Herbicides were used to control
the weed but were costly and much of the infected land was
inaccessible for spraying by now. To destroy this problem they
imported three species of beetles (originally from England and Europe)
that had shown promising effects for controlling Klamath weed in
Australia. Australia suffered from this problem earlier, so for the
inhabitants in California, it was just a small matter of importing the
beetles. The beetles helped a great deal. Land values increased,
cattle and sheep were no longer in danger of being intoxicated. It was
estimated that the beetles saved the...

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