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The Effect Of Media On The World

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Though the letter was replaced by a tweet, and the newspaper boy was replaced by a blogger, the effect of the media on the world is unparalleled. Still, there is always going to be the question of how much, and by what means, does the media affect our lives. To try to answer this question, resources such as the Imprints textbook, multiple news articles in prominent news agencies and other sources like The Guardian and Al Jazeera, and the movie Bowling for Columbine are used and fully credited. The topics presented cover themes such as misrepresentation in media, the influences of media, and the effect of media on daily life.
Misrepresentation of news in media is sadly very common today, with more and more people becoming increasingly distrusting of news reporters to accurately relay news (Current Problems). According to Daily Source: “A poll by USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup found only 36 percent of Americans believe news organizations get the facts straight, compared with 54 percent in mid-1989”(ibid.). It does not help that many news articles contain major factual and grammatical errors, which greatly contribute to the distrust in the mass media outlets, such as news stations, radio stations and more (ibid.). In an article titled Why Do Western media get Africa wrong? Nanjala Nyabola notes that Western media in principle cannot relay international news accurately, because of the difficulties of translation and the need to satisfy the West’s stereotypical view of the world (Western media). She also notes that non-Western news channels are not viewed as much as the Western news channels even in the country where, in theory, non-Western news should be the main source of information, which implies that the inaccurate news reports are relayed to the non-Western populace, from which the news report is being sent in the first place (ibid.). An article from Global Research agrees completely with Nyabola’s point of view, going as far as to say that if any news about a country outside of the West is not negative, it is because there is a political reason for the media to be promoting the country (View of the World). Another article from The Guardian challenges the view of non-Western news reporters as the prophets of truth, stating that: “However, it is not just western media (itself a rather obtuse concept) that is guilty of reporting in this manner. African media commits many of the same sins though, given the fact that most only broadcast to discrete home audiences, it is easy for them to escape censure” (Western journalists).
Although, not necessarily a byproduct of the misrepresentations in media, many influences in media deal with stereotyping more delicate social issues like gender and race. Stereotyping is a natural part of the human thought process and is used to categorize information about the world around us, which is often used by people to make it easier to promote their product (Gender stereotypes). The worst part is that the usage...

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