The Effect Of World War Ii On The Lives Of People At Home

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The Effect of World War II on the Lives of People at Home

World war two was officially started with the invasion of Poland,
September 1939 where the British being an ally of Poland and
disagreeing with Hitler’s actions, declared war against Germany. The
war lasted for 6 years in Europe until 1945. It managed to involve
most of Europe and Asia, America, Canada, Australia, Africa. Debatably
more the 30 million perished as a direct result of the war and
generally it was the war that the world collectively lost more in than
any other through out history. Not surprisingly it was proclaimed to
be ‘ the war to end all wars’.

In my essay I will be discussing and evaluating how the turning points
of Dunkirk, battle of Britain, battle of the Atlantic and D-day
affected the British home front. I will also go into more detail on
the subjects of evacuation, rationing and women’s role. I will justify
my statements by analysing and evaluating sources relating to the
titled subjects. These factors of the war that I am going to research
are relevant because; - each turning point in the war would have had a
major effect on the morale of people, and roles of women, rationing
and evacuation were all aspects in which significant changes in
societies attitude were provoked.

The war was described as a ‘Total war’ because the complete economy
and populations of the participating nations were geared in to the
production and support of the war effort. This made warfare totally
reliant on the industrial capacity of its country, forcing everyone to
be included somehow. In the case of Britain, this unified the citizens
and strengthened its spirit through hardships. Without co-operation on
the home front we would not have succeeded in the war. The government
encouraged people to get involved in helping the war even if it made
no difference, to try and keep the British moral high. Organisations
like the local defence volunteers, first aid post and the home guard
provided people with opportunities to help the community in the times
of trouble. Many communities rallied together for church and town hall
meetings in order to discuss the organisation of blackouts and the
suitable procedure in such circumstances. Often reliable people were
given certain jobs to do like warning people of air attacks by going
through their street and shouting the message.

The war opened new opportunities for women, who suddenly realised they
could be independent and faced responsibilities like earning money for
the family and being in control. The government still did not treat
women equally and were reluctant to give them jobs, but they realised
they needed the extra employees so paid them 2/3 the men’s wage, most
women accepted their duties and many jumped at the chance to prove
their worth in skills previously thought of as...

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