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The Effects Of Divorce In American Culture

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The effects of divorce on the American culture are immense. Social scientists have been studying these effects for many years now. The studies are continuing to confirm that the climbing rate of divorce in the American culture is hurting the society and also frequently devastating the lives of many American children. More often than not people decide to get a divorce before they really think about the effects of divorce. People usually decide to get a divorce based on emotion rather than logic which can hinder their long term happiness. There are many areas in which divorce has a negative effect in the life of a child or an adult. Many of these effects also directly correlate to the effect on a society. However, there is hope. Although divorce is being more widely recognized as being harmful to both culture and to the individuals involved, there are many ways that a society can seek to reduce this harm and attain a goal of being a culture dedicated to the well-being of the family unit.
Children involved in a divorce are deeply affected and the lasting effects will virtually extend out to every aspect of the child's life. The statistics being provided show the many ways that this is true. Children of divorce are more likely to show signs of struggle with academic achievement have more emotional problems, are involved more frequently in drug abuse and crime, and many others. Conduct problems are common in children coming from broken homes. A study suggested that this could be due to the fact that divorce has a negative effect on the parenting a child receives (Shansky, 2002). A father becomes less involved for example. Also, a mother must adjust along with the children and often experiences depressive tendencies as a result. These type behaviors inhibit the ability of a child to receive the parenting that they deserve.
Another cause of problems has been shown to be that religious worship tends to be less prevalent in the homes of those that have been divorced. This can have serious implications as worship in a home has been proven to be a significant factor in the well-being of the children. This also tends to create problems in the children relating to conflict handling abilities and also poor self esteem. Children in a home with two worshiping parents have a better chance of overcoming these obstacles. (Himes & Coriden, 2004)
The economic factors are also a problem with divorced families which in turn has a direct effect on the ability of the children to succeed financially. The majority of divorces that occur, result in the household income being reduced by as much as half. This can have a much greater effect on children growing up in a family that is financially secure before the divorce. The adjustment and change that must occur financially is often devastating to the children especially in their formative years. (Fagan & Rector, 2000)
There are countless studies and results of said studies to prove the effects that divorce is having...

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