The Effects Of Mountain Biking On Bulk Desity And Terrain Cover.

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EFFECTS OF MOUNTAIN BIKING ON BULK DENSITY AND TERRAIN COVER.INTRODUCTIONThe sport of mountain biking originated around 1974 and the first production bike was commercially produced around 1984, the mountain bike was different from the previous cycles because of the construction of the frame, sturdier, wider tyres with improved knobbly grip and sealed bearing so dirt could not effect them. Managers of natural areas consider recreational impacts along trails and on campsites to be their most common management problem (Godin and Leonard 1979, Washburne and Cole 1983). The field of recreation ecology, which developed to address this problem, initially focused largely on the impacts of hikers (Cole, 1987). Impacts of recreation on trails can vary between activity types (e.g., hikers, horses, and motorcycles) (Weaver and Dale 1978), it is because of this that it is important to know the impacts of new forms of recreational activity, such as mountain biking. The addition of mountain biking to trails in recreation areas has caused considerable concern. Some hikers feel that bikers should be excluded from existing trails because of the potential damaging effect of moving wheels (Cessford 1995).Many factors may add to the factor of degradation of vegetation and trails because of the mountain bike being introduced, additional reasons are the behavior of the mountain biker and the physical impact that this has.This study aims to find out the impact mountain biking has on the bulk density and terrain cover of an area and report on the severity and speed of the process.PELIMANARY CONCLUSIONIMPACT ON SOIL AND VEGETATION WILL BE INCREASEDMATERIALS AND METHODSStudy area: The study was conducted on the campus grounds of University College Worcester at the rear of Woodbury building. The site satisfied two main criteria 1- that it had little to no usage and 2 - the area would not cause any permanent damage to the area. Upon completion grass seed would laid down and the area repaired as much as possible.Experimental design and procedure;The experiment consisted of 1 treatment/activity, the mountain bike would pass over a 50 meter stretch of area marked out, 100 times the reason 100 times was chosen was some of the previous studies that have been done for instance Cole, 1993 suggested that 500 passes would cause sufficient damage to reduce vegetation by 50% on most terrains. Due to the location, weather and lack of vegetation of the site 100 passes was considered amicable because there was only one type of grass there and the day was wet, this was cause the affects to hasten. The lane was 2 meter wide and split into 1 meter transects, the testing zones were selected by random picking, numbers out of a hat that represented different transects across the 50 meter stretch. Measurements were taken after every 10 passes of the track and the turning of the bike took place off the testing area so the results were not affected by sudden divots. The mountain bike was kept at a...

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