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The Effects Of Tetracycline On Chick Embryos

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none greatTHE EFFECTS OF TETRACYCLINEON GALLUS DOMESTICUSTRIMESTER 3Professor J. P. EllisT.A. Tom PinardBryan DumanskiMike HaleDean TowerHeather MammonJoe HullJuly 15, 1996AbstractOur Embryology lab experiment was performed to observe the effects of tetracycline onthe development in chicken embryos, such as bone and beak growth. Five control andseven experimental eggs were used for the experiment. The five control eggs were notinjected with tetracycline, six of the experimental eggs were injected with 0.05 mg oftetracycline, and one of the experimental eggs was injected with 0.2 mg of tetracycline.On the seventeenth day of embryo development, all eggs were opened and observed.Good conclusive results were noted. Out of the seven injected eggs, all had some sortof abnormality. Conversely the control group eggs appeared normal.Table of ContentsI. IntroductionII. MethodologyIII. Results and ObservationsIV. Discussion and ConclusionV. BibliographyI. Introduction and ReviewTetracycline, an antibacterial drug, is used to treat many infectious diseases such asgonorrhea, syphilis, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections.The usual adult dosage ranges from 100mg to 200mg once a day. Possible allergicreactions include: 1) swelling of the face, 2) skin rash, 3) loss of appetite with vomiting,4) soar throat, and 5) abdominal cramping. There are more serious side effects , suchas anaphylactic reactions, liver and renal damage, discoloration of teeth withmalformation in children under 8 years of age.Results of animal studies shows that tetracycline class drugs cross the placenta andare found in fetal tissues. This has toxic effects on developing fetuses. These effectsinclude retardation of skeletal development, decreased white cells, and increasedeosionophils. Due to the findings, it is advisable to completely avoid tetracycline classdrugs during pregnancy and breast feeding.Tetracycline drugs are used specifically in chick embryos autoradiographic studies.The chick's bones have the ability to fluoresce tetracycline at the active sites ofcalcification.Tetracyclines have effected not only chick embryos, but also weight and bone formationin the offspring of rats and mice. It causes reduction in fetal size with serious physicaldefects.II. MethodologyThe effect of tetracycline infections were demonstrated on twelve New Hampshire RedChicken eggs. The control group included five eggs numbered eight through twelveand were not injected. The injections were given on June 12, 1996 to seven eggsnumbers one through seven. Eggs one though six received 0.05mg of tetracycline andegg seven was given an increased amount of 0.2mg tetracycline. All of the eggs wereincubated at an ideal temperature of 101 degrees, sixty to eighty percent humidity inthe incubator (model no. 624-E) for seventeen days. The eggs were turned twice dailybefore being sacrificed on the seventeenth day June 28, 1996.III. Results and ObservationsExperimental Group ...

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