The Afterlife According To Religious Belief

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The different religions have many various beliefs about the afterlife. A lot of the religions believe in different forms of a greater power, some including the belief in only one deity, multiple deities, or no belief in any deities. Their belief in deities affects how their afterlife appears to them, and it provides the basis for which actions they believe will contribute to the outcome of their soul in the afterlife.
Generally, there are three main deity beliefs throughout religion; the belief in only one god (sometimes with multiple smaller deities), multiple deities that coincide together, or no belief in any deities (Robinson). Not only do the various religions have different deities, they also differ on how much their deities are involved with the universe. There are many views on this particular subject. Some believe that their deities created everything and set it in motion, but do not actively meddle, others believe the opposite, which their deities continuously control what happens to everyone and the outcomes are predetermined. Other religions believe that their deity/ deities are actually one being with the entire universe and everyone is a part of that single being. Of course, there are always the religions that are either unsure of their faith, or are completely certain that there cannot be an omniscience presence watching over the universe (Robinson). It is often argued whether or not it is reasonable to believe in such an all-knowing being, and even more so as to whether or not these deities are able to possess the powers that are claimed. With that argument in mind, the question is raised of how much of time do these deities control. Some have said that “God” is timeless and will never grow weak with age, and if that is true, then it could be possible that he is not even aware of time. Some religions argue that their deity/deities are so entirely at one with the world that they are time itself; they have control over the past, present, and future. Again, these claims are questioned. How could human beings possibly have access to this type of universally scaled knowledge? B.A. Robinson concluded, “At first glance, a person who is investigating the entire “God” concept for the first time might conclude that all of these diverse deities are purely human creations. That is: God did not create humanity – humanity created God.” Most religions have some sort of evidence that their deities have communicated somehow about their presence in life. The theory that you do not necessarily need proof of a deity to believe in them is occasionally mentioned, although it allows people to question how much of the many religions actually know for a fact what is true about their deities. It can become nearly impossible to fully understand the origin of each religion and trust that each has a correct basis of knowledge. Also, with every religion claiming to be the true religion, how can any person know which to place their faith in (Fairchild)?...

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