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The Aftermath Of Cramming Essay

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One major problem that high school, and college students have in common is cramming. Students often take time to do other activities rather than actually taking their free time to work and study. By cramming, they are attempting to memorize everything that they possibly can within a limited time frame. Students end up forgetting most of the information, causing their grades to suffer. Students become deprived of sleep causing them to suffer poor memory, lack of sleep and difficulties with problem solving, often leading to lower test scores. Drug addiction, physical, and mental problems are some of the health issues from cramming. Often students find their priorities mixed up, resulting them to cramming, which not only affects their health, but it affects their grades as well.
At some point in time everyone probably crammed for an exam. Student who have taken the cramming route had something in common, which was the aftermath of cramming. However, cramming might seem positive because students have more time to relax and hang out with their friends occasionally; but in reality cramming is a time bomb that’s ready to blow. Soon they will realize that the effects of cramming are actually quite negative. As far as many students are concerned, they will trade sleep for grades any day, to most students sleep is an acceptable price to pay for their grades. Students who choose to stay up late cramming, does not remember the material as well as students who went to sleep at a decent time.
After late nights cramming, students commonly encounter a lack of sleep, which could result them into becoming more anxious. Sleep is very important, but students just can't have it, because they have to study; which leads them to be less able to focus and not being able interpret questions. Students who cram, usually have high levels of anxiety, which results in their performance being under under their full potential. Some students reach the point where they're just physically drained of energy, because they were spending...

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