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The Day I Was Robbed Essay

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When I was 11 years old, that I still in elementary school there was something happened to me. I still remember I was in fourth grade. It happened the day before the school field trip. I will never forget that day; the day that was the first time I got robbed by someone. Today I am twenty years old; I still remember clearly what happened because my memory just won't forget. Field trip was the happiest thing on elementary school life. No other things better than go to field trip in elementary school. It will make me so excited and even cannot go to sleep on the night before the field trip, but something bad happened. On fourth grade, I had been waiting for the field trip day to come for a long time. And the trip is finally come. So I decided to buy some snacks and soda on the night before. I remember I putted forty dollars in my pocket. After dinner, I went to some stores that few blocks away my house and bought some snacks. When I head back to home and walking on a dark street. I knew someone was coming from my back and suddenly I felt there was something very sharp pointed on my back. Then I heard someone said: "give me all the money." By this very short and clear sentence I shocked and scared. He was stand at my back and I can't see his...

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