The Age Discrimination In The Work Place

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The fourth type of age discrimination in the workplace is unintentional age discrimination. Another name for unintentional age discrimination is “inadvertent ageism” (Anti-Ageism Taskforce, 2006). Unintentional age discrimination refers to the set of ideas, human attitudes, rules and regulation or workplace practices conducted in a workplace without knowing any biased towards older workers (Dennis & Thomas, 2006). In short we can say that unintentional ageism is practiced without the offender knowing the bias. Unintentional age discrimination is too complicated compared to intentional age discrimination. Because, the unintentional age discrimination is measured based on reasonable factors other than worker’s age. The federal anti-discrimination laws introduce unintentional age discrimination as “disparate impact” which is directly coming from facially- neutral work practices. In “disparate impact” case which is known as unintentional age discrimination, the plaintiff no need to ...view middle of the document...

The RFOA defense does not come into play unless the plaintiff can satisfy that burden (Freedman, 2012). Examples, of unintentional age discrimination in the workplace are as follow. The first example of age discrimination in the work place is the management does not prepare any procedure to support the old and weak workers on their emergency situation such as flood and heat wave. The second example is there are no special facilities such as ramps, elevators and handrails provided for the old worker to protect their safety in the workplace. The third example of unintentional age discrimination in the workplace is the language use in the media is difficult to understand by the old workers (Anti- Ageism Taskforce, 2006). We can say, that unintentional age discrimination is too complicated and indirectly supports the hire management in the workplace that involve in age discrimination towards older employees.
As a conclusion, Age discrimination in the workplace divided into four types. Those are personal, institutional, intentional and unintentional (Anti- Ageism Taskforce, 2006). Not all cases of age discrimination direct towards formal charges. But, certain age discrimination in the workplace rises without any proper prove. Age discrimination in the workplace led the older employee’s works in jobs that they do not fully utilize their skills and experiences (Anti- Ageism Taskforce, 2006). The age discrimination led to exploitation among old workers. Age discrimination in the workplace is bad for employees. The management of an organization must avoid the age discrimination against workers to increase their productivity and must give importance to their worker’s needs (Anti- Ageism Taskforce, 2006). The age discrimination is the critical issues that normally take place in the workplace. So, the employers, employees and government should play their role to find the solution for age discrimination issues in the workplace.

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