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The Age Of Imperialism Essay

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Imperialism was a time period in which more developed nations colonized less developed nations. The developed nations took advantage of the less developed nations resources, people, lands, and much more. Imperialism was helpful to a country but also had been very detrimental to the cultures inner mentality by removing previous traditions that were practiced and replacing it with the colonizers traditions.
Since there were many nations involved, there were many attributes that led up to imperialism. Firstly, the Europeans wanted economic expansion. Since the industrial revolution had taken place, the Europeans were in need of more natural resources. They also wanted new markets for the sake of selling industrial products. To achieve this they had to look for more places outside of Europe and colonize it.
At the time, there had been many competitions between other nations. Strong and developed nations like Europe, would have rivalries between other strong and developed nations. Also, there was a sort of theme going around where it was needed to present the power of one's nation. This was the theme for many developed nations.
The Europeans were facing overproduction and under consumption. This led to a need for new markets and need for new consumers. They were also in need for raw materials. such as tin, rubber, gold, oil, copper, and cotton. Some nations had these resources easily available. This interested the strong and powerful nations who were lacking these materials.
The Europeans needed to acquire profitable and cheap labor somehow. They knew that workers in foreign lands would be perfect. Not only cheap laborers were needed but also profitable and cheap land. Goods such as tea, oranges, coffee, bananas, and chocolate were at high demand. The easiest way to acquire all of their desires were to make colonies in lands that had them.
Social Darwinism was another factor that led the colonization. Social Darwinism was a social theory. The same theories that were from Charles Darwin had been applied to human society. It was so that those who were stronger and superior could enjoy a wealthy and lavish lifestyle. The fittest of survival. Europeans believed that non-Europeans were lower, physically and culturally. This was believed because no one at the time, other than Europeans, had made scientific and technological breakthroughs.
There were many nations involved in the European imperialism. Latin America and the seaports of Asia and Africa were the first to be colonized. England had been leading the colonial power amongst the Europeans. France had been second in command. Portugal, Spain and Holland received few colonies. Germany and Italy were last to join because they unified themselves in the 1860's. Africa had been delayed of its colonization because of its many diseases and geography. Africa became colonized in the 19th Century.
Europeans were able to colonize Africa because of the many advantages they had over them. Firstly, the Maxim...

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