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The Age Of Oil Essay

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At the dawn of the twentieth century America’s future looked bright, Industrialization in addition to transforming America had brought with it advances in medicine, science, and technology. Production of everything from food to pharmaceuticals grew at an unprecedented rate throughout the twentieth century. Through the use of fossil fuels the developed world, especially that of the United States was able to sustain larger economies, populations, food surpluses and money surpluses. However when world production of oil peaked in 2005 (Ruppert), meaning the end of cheap, abundant crude oil that had fueled everything for so long. Thus began the recession of 2008, and through our politicians ...view middle of the document...

Large machinery running off of fuel till, and plant the land, the land is then bombarded by various nitrate fertilizers all based off of petroleum products. After being harvested the 11 major crops of the United States are turned into various foods and then shipped by train and truck to supermarkets across America where people must drive to. The whole system is dependent on fossil fuels, which is why food in this country has increased exponentially over the past few years (Pfeiffer).
Albeit many ecologist, scientist and environmentalists have stated before that during the 1970s our total remaining world supply of oil was roughly 50 years of reserves at the current usage rate. Yet today that 50 year supply figure remains the same, this is one of the reasons why the general public may be confused, and skeptical to believe our current situation. While it is true that at our current global consumption rate of 90,000,000 barrels of oil a day, we have roughly 50 years’ worth of oil remaining, if current rates of growth and consumption remain stagnant (Ruppert), not all of the oil on earth is obtainable, so of the largest undiscovered oil fields will likely be under miles of ocean, or in the polar regions making extraction economically unfeasible. Oil companies have now included things such as tar sand, oil shale, and heavy oil which are actually more of a mining process tan a drilling operation. These sources of petroleum yield oil at the end of extensive mining and refining operations but are not the solution to our predicament, they are expensive, yield little, and cause much more damage than conventional methods of drilling light sweet crude oil.
The question remains why has our national media mislead for generations the truth about rates of consumption of oil? In 1980 then president Jimmy Carter proclaimed the “Carter Doctrine” simply stated the doctrine says the United States would use military force if necessary to defend “interests” in the Persian Gulf, hence our 1st and 2nd gulf wars in Iraq and military occupation in Afghanistan. It should be noted however that our interest in Afghanistan was the destruction of Al Qaeda and capture of Osama bin Laden, not to pursuit oil exploitation. Had Iraq and the Middle East not possessed the amount of oil that resides there military involvement would not have occurred and U.S. interests would be insignificant in the region.
The United States’ population of roughly 315 million people represents just fewer than 5 percent of the global population yet we as a nation use 19.5 million barrels of oil per day, or 20 percent of daily consumption (Ruppert). The mass post world war two retreats to the suburbs by the working class have increased our addiction and dependence on cheap, abundant oil to transport us to our work, supermarket, school and shopping centers. We live in a country that used it post world war two wealth to invest in a building campaign to house veterans in what would soon be called...

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