The Age Of The Global Interactive Agency

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It was only a matter of time before the fledgling web design firms and online advertising agencies that were spawned in the late 1990s grew and coalesced into mature national companies. Now, these companies have grown too large for a single country and the age of the global interactive agency is upon us.
Led by companies such as 7 Strategy, a combination of design, e-commerce, database management and a host of other marketing and technical skills are combined under one roof to provide companies from around the world with multi-national exposure on the Internet.
In a unique twist, 7 Strategy has several main offices. One is dedicated to Europe, one to the Far East and one each for the Eastern and Western halves of the United States. While each office is responsible for a certain section of the world, all of their clients have access to the full breadth and range of 7 Strategy’s marketing experience and technical expertise.
When asked about their success, Director of Client Services, Chase Welles, states, matter-of-factly, “It’s our ability to integrate a uniform, company-wide, back-end database and e-commerce platform with various front end designs customized to regional marketplaces that differentiates us from less well-diversified interactive organizations.” He then pauses to take a breath.
This statement is rather sweeping and encompasses quite a broad swathe of technological know how and marketing expertise. Indeed, these abilities that do not seem to be in short supply at 7 Strategy.
Founded in 2001, this company has never been a boutique design firm. Instead, they have focused on offering their business clients a full range of interactive marketing products that can achieve real and measurable business growth. Chief among their products is a suite of services that will maximize their clients e-commerce objectives.
7 Strategy is knowledgeable about every aspect of interactive services. They can help with website design, the integration of database, e-commerce and inventory management systems and the establishment of merchant accounts and payment gateways. In addition, their systems can capture shopping behavior and acquire and archive all pertinent sales data.
The company’s team has even taken the process a step further and implemented various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiatives for clients across national boundaries.
The process of developing a large, well integrated and extremely robust interactive experience may seem daunting to a client. 7 Strategy has addressed this issue with their proprietary, five-step project management process.
“When it comes to their website, our clients do not want to be presented with a fait accompli,” says Client Services Coordinator, Allison Hartman, “Instead, they want to understand the process and have significant input.”
“We are only too happy to oblige,” she continues, and then, only half in jest, “Our greatest challenge is our inability to read people’s minds. We love it when...

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