The Age Of Urbanization And Its Problems

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To accommodate the growth of economy and the population, the entire world is faced with urbanization and a series of problems caused by it. There is consensus behind the situation that sustainable development would be an effective way to deal with these problems. But this thesis is going to talk about the spirit of the problems and explain that the problems are unsolvable in the situation of the age of urbanization.

Many urban problems derive from three big ones: Lack of energy, pollution and overpopulation. As they are the nature results of urbanization, if the solution cannot stop the trend of urbanization all around the world, these problem would never be solved. And this is the situation faced by sustainable development. Sustainable development cannot entirely solve the problems of the urbanization, because the world creates pollution through energy use, the growing population causes growing need, and some problems just cannot be solved.

Huge need of energy and pollution
Large countries need a lot of energy and cause serious pollution problems every year, and this situation cannot be changed by reducing car numbers or making less waste. Qinghua Bi (2013) tells us that the total energy consumption in China increased to 3250000000 t in 2010, an average annual increase of about 8%.The growing energy demand rapid growth has brought our country's energy supply more pressure to our country's energy supply, and it also brought a sharp increase in greenhouse gas emissions. ‘People find it hard to give the same level of reality to the future as they do to the present. Thus a small reward offered now will normally be taken in preference to a much larger one offered at some remove’ (2009, pp. 2–3).
Some well developed countries such as Singapore, Japan and the Iceland have made good process with energy and pollution problems, but all of them are not self-sufficient countries. As a matter of fact, Japan imports a large amount of fruits, vegetables, metal, wood and they even just set their factories on foreign countries. It means they do not have to face the problems of farmland or pollution.

The growing population
The population of cities is growing, and the government has to build more houses for them to live in, and that make the cities bigger and bigger. “In the past three decades, a mass migration to cities is happening in China owing to its rapid socioeconomic development” (Qiu and Hessler, 2010).Yiping Wu (2012) estimated that the total rural-to-urban migration was 416.4 million from 1982 to 2010, with nearly half of the migration happening from 2001 to 2010.To build more houses, cities have to take place the farmland and the green area, which goes against sustainable development. According to...

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