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Since people began to wonder about our history and making, there has been the question of why. Why do people do the things they do? Are these traits inherited by a person’s ancestors, or are they simply following what they observe? To begin, you must give credit to the two philosophers who initially sparked different opinions about these two ideas. Aristotle theorized, that humans are born into the world with a blank slate and their behavior and thoughts are due solely to experience (Ashcraft, 1998). That theory would suggest that humans learn their phobias, sexuality, gender association, and all other traits through the world that surrounds them. Plato, thought quite the opposite. He ...view middle of the document...

” (Trouton, Spinath, Plomin 2002) As could be expected, many of the mild mental impairments proved to be hereditary. The really fascinating thing was years later when researchers were able to geographically map the twin’s locations in London and compare the outcome of the genetic dispositions with the area they were located. In other words, it could show where the three factors of the research for TEDS seemed to spike on a map of London. Areas of negative aspects were higher in area with overpopulation, higher crime rate, and impoverish communities. I believe the key data here shows that it is not the question of whether it is nature versus nurture, rather how much nature or nurture is involved. In impoverished, areas all three factors in the test had higher incidents. This seems to show that even in genetic factors, the nurturing aspect plays a large role. What this can tell us is, there are ways to improve the quality of life of individuals who suffer from behavioral and mental health issues. Although it wouldn’t make a very big impact on the outcome of a mild mental illness, it is still beneficial for someone to be an area with a higher income, as well as a lower crime rate. The one factor that did not seem to be defined by the geographical location of those in the study, was the IQ of the individual. As with mild mental impairment, this trait is found to be more hereditary in the data collected from the twins in the TEDS study.
Most children inherit visible attributes from their parents. After a child is born, the effects of the emotional state of a parent is almost as present as these traits, though they manifest in different ways. When children are exposed to maternal depression, they are at a higher risk for antisocial behavior. “Psychosocial theories posit that the link between maternal depression and children’s ASB represents environmental causation via “nurture.” (Kim-Cohen, Moffitt, Taylor, Pawlby, Caspi 2005) The information found in the article, Maternal Depression and Children’s Antisocial Behavior: Nature and Nurture Effects, also suggests that there is...

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