The Agent Orange Story; Unnatural Causes

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The Agent Orange Story; Unnatural Causes
When a person hears about war, they think of guns, bombs, and absolute chaos. The soldiers in Vietnam are the ones who actually know the true story and true experience of war. Lamont Johnson, the director of the movie, The Agent Orange Story; Unnatural Causes, makes many different views onto the soldiers lives after Vietnam. Whether the soldiers experience mental or physical pain, Johnson directs madness into reality. The certain view points ranges between short term illnesses to the lack of acceptance between the soldier and their community. Therefore Johnson directs an intense and compelling drama that will move the audience to an understanding of the war.
Johnson presents to the audience that the soldiers go into Vietnam with open mindedness. Meaning they are positive and open to obstacles that come their way. Johnson showed how the soldiers views changed when they came back home from the war. The main character, Frank Coleman, came back from the war angry and upset. Anything that went wrong he blamed on the war. Coleman blamed Nam for the ending of his marriage, the deaths of his comrades, and most importantly the cancer he developed since he came home. Coleman talks to DeVictor, a VA who is trying to help the veterans, and tells her about his duty he still believes he has to serve. “If you were in a safe place and your buddies were getting shot at, you would go back and get them.“ (Coleman) The director uses this line as a reference towards the soldiers and America. Coleman is a symbol for America and he has a duty to rescue the fallen soldiers. Johnson uses great symbols and comparisons to show the audience the obstacles that the Vets had to face upon return to their home. Not only did they have to face mental obstacles they also had to face physical as well.
Johnson also presents the audience the physical emotions the soldiers had to go through after returning from Vietnam. The director shown this by developing scenes that would give the audience a compelling response. One Vet, Roberts, came back from the war with only one arm. His emotions varied from being grateful to being suicidal. Johnson showed the ups and downs of Roberts...

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