The Aging Effects Of Canada’s Population

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The Aging Effects of Canada's Population

It was 1947, World War II had finally come to a halt and Canadian
soldiers were sent home. The large number of males returning back to
their countries quickly made up for lost time which, in turn,
triggered the Baby Boom. The United States, Australia, and New
Zealand were all faced with baby booms; however, Canada had the
loudest boom of all which lasted from 1947 to 1966. At the height of
the boom, Canadian women were averaging four children each which
explains why today that the Canadian population is approximately
one-third boomers. When a new product or idea is introduced it is
likely targeted to this group simply because there are just so many of
them that everyone takes notice. Why did the baby boom happen?
Canadians knew they could afford large families since the economy was
prospering and the future seemed bright. Also, immigration rates
dramatically rose in the 1950s which, in turn, resulted in additional
people of childbearing age and therefore they made a central role in
the boom. Once the birth-control pill was introduced in 1961 and
women were becoming more accepted into the labour force there was a
substantial decline in fertility over the 1960s known as the Baby
Bust. While the baby boomers grew up and had offspring of their own
it created a mini boom from 1980 to 1995 called the Baby Boom Echo. A
direct consequence of the ongoing global fertility and mortality
decline at older ages, population aging is expected to be among the
most prominent global demographic trends of the 21st century (Foot,
1996). This pattern is expected to continue over the next few
decades, eventually affecting the entire world. Population aging has
many important socio-economic and health consequences. It presents
challenges for public health due to the lack of capacity and funds as
well as for economic development, specifically the shrinking and aging
of the labour force. The aging of the workforce is taking place as
Canada is shifting to a knowledge-based economy, where a constant
renewal of skills is necessary to keep up with rapid changes in
knowledge, technology and information. As a result, the risks that
labour shortages will deepen is expanding. Shifts in population size
within various age groups have far-reaching social, economic and
policy impacts (Dowd, 1980). This evolution has shaped Canada’s
demographic past, present and future as the number of pre-schoolers,
students, workers at the beginning, middle or end of their careers,
retirees and so on have a profound effect on the many trends in our
society (McPherson, 1990).

The Movement

While beginning this new millennium, Canadians are going through a
time of dramatic social, economic and political change. The
increasingly integrated global and economic markets...

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