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The Airbus A380: A Revolutionary Plane

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The largest passenger plane in the world, The Airbus A380 is a startling sight. The plane can handle up to 853 passengers and travel with one full tank of fuel up to 15, 700 kilometers. The airbus A380 is an amazing feat of aviation technology and it never ceases to amaze anyone that sees it. The exterior is only the beginning of the wonders you get to experience when you get to fly in the A380, but the interior never ceases to amaze any passenger that gets to fly in this magnificent plane.
The Airbus A380 has many amazing statistics related to its size and Magnitude.
• The plane features a range of 15, 700 km or 8,000 nautical miles.
• In a standard 3-class layout the plane features a 525 people capacity. Although it can handle up to 853 people in an all economy class layout.
• Dimensions
• The length of the entire plane is 72.72 meters.
 The length of the main deck is 49.90 meters, while the upper deck is 44.93 meters
 The fuselage width is 7.14 meters

 The wingspan of the plane is 79.75 meters
 The height of the plane is 24.09 meters.
The Airbus A380 features many new technologies that help the plane in many different ways. First of all, the Airbus A380 is greener, cleaner, quieter, and smarter than other planes. The plane has to technology built into it so that it can essentially fly itself, making itself much smarter than other leading planes in the industry, but very efficient engines allow for the plane to use less fuel, yet fly farther distances which makes the plane much greener, and cleaner than leading industry competitors such as the Boeing 747. Furthermore, the Airbus A380 has reduced noise levels, diminishing another major concern of airports, when they think about such a large plane flying into their airport. However, the plane also features advanced flight management systems, and improved navigation modes, to allow the pilots an easier flight and more downtime in the cockpit. In addition to that, the plane also offer low fuel consumption and reduced Co2 and Nox.
In addition, the Airbus A380 features advanced wing and lander gear design, which makes it significantly quieter at takeoff, landing, and in flight, making the plane a leader among industry competitors. In particularly, the Airbus A380 features a great new Brake to Vacate technology which more effectively manages the aircraft’s approach and landing to the airport by pre-selecting the runway exit. That reduces runway occupancy time by 30%, in effect increasing the number of aircraft that can be handled by the world’s airports.
Additionally, the A380 features a new enhanced onboard central maintenance system which greatly helps maintenance crews, in the short turnaround time that the A380 receives at airports. The plane also features new variable frequency generators, and the plane’s hydraulic power is provided by a 2 systems with a pressure of 5,000 psi. The higher pressure hydraulic system results in a smaller and lighter hydraulic...

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