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The Alamo Essay

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The Alamo is about the battle for San Antonio in 1835. The siege of Bexar (San Antonio) became the first major campaign of the Texas Revolution. From October until early December 1835 an army of Texan volunteers laid siege to a Mexican army in San Antonio de Bexar. The Alamo is a historic structure in the center of San Antonio. A famous battle was fought there from February 23 to March 6, 1836, during the war for Texan independence. To prevent the success of this independence movement, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, in command of the Mexican Army, approached San Antonio with his troops to fight the brave Texans at the Alamo.Colonel William Travis, Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie are names associated with American history and legend. They all died at the Alamo, the world famous battle for Texas' freedom. There are some stories that filtered out of the heroic struggles that cannot be verified, but which are firmly believed in American culture. A mere 189 men bravely defended the mission walls against Santa Anna's army of up to 4,000 soldiers. ( of these legends recounts how Col. Travis, when all seemed hopeless, drew a line in the sand with his sword and asked all that were willing to die for the cause to step over it. Travis gave the men a chance to bail out and save their lives. The line is remembered as "The Grand Canyon of Texas" because it meant so much to Texas very survival as an independent territory. One man did not cross that line and indeed escaped from the fort and avoided capture. He wasn't caught by the enemy but, sustained many leg wounds from cactuses and thorns, which is weird yet funny. His name was Louis Rose, a French man who had already served as an officer in Napoleon's army. 189 defenders were surrounded inside an old mission and Mexico's Santa Anna had prepared an army of 8,000 to attack. Although probably half of the Mexican army may not have survived the trek from Mexico to San Antonio, that's still 4,000 soldiers against a rag tag crew of 189 army regulars, cavalry and volunteers. ( important leaders stand out in the battle of the Alamo. William Barrette Travis (Commander) was one of the first to fall; he died defending the north wall at an early hour on March 6. He was 26 years old. James Bowie (Co-Commander) was killed in his bed, where he laid sick with pneumonia, in a small room in the south side. He was 41 years old.50 year old David Crockett( from Tennessee) was one of the 15 volunteers and most famous defender of the Alamo, Some say his body was found in the west side but others say that Shortly after the defeat of Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto, rumors circulated that Crockett had not died alongside his men in the Alamo. Conflicting accounts claimed that Crockett and a few others rode back into the Alamo on March 3 and survived the siege, only to be executed on the orders of Santa Anna a few minutes...

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