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The Alamo is about the battle for San Antonio in 1835. The siege San Antonio became the first major campaign of the Texas Revolution. From October until early December 1835 an army of Texan volunteers laid siege to a Mexican army in San Antonio de Bexar. The Alamo is a historic structure in the center of San Antonio. A famous battle was fought there from February 23 to March 6, 1836, during the war for Texan independence. To prevent the success of this independence movement, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, in command of the Mexican Army, approached San Antonio with his troops to fight the brave Texans at the Alamo.Colonel William Travis, Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie are names associated with American history and legend. They all died at the Alamo, the world famous battle for Texas' freedom. There are some stories that came out of the heroic struggles that cannot be prove to be definitely true, but which are believed to be true in American culture. Just 189 men bravely defended the mission walls against Santa Anna's army of up to 4,000 soldiers.One of these legends recounts how Col. Travis, when all seemed hopeless, drew a line in the sand with his sword and asked all that were willing to die for the cause to step over it. Travis gave the men a chance to bail out and save their lives. The line is remembered as "The Grand Canyon of Texas" because it meant so much to Texas very survival as an independent territory. One man did not cross that line and indeed escaped from the fort and avoided capture. He wasn't caught by the enemy but, sustained many leg wounds from cactuses and thorns, which is weird yet funny. His name was Louis Rose, a French man who had already served as an officer in Napoleon's army. 189 defenders were surrounded inside an old mission and Mexico's Santa Anna had prepared an army of 8,000 to attack. Although probably half of the Mexican army may not have...

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946 words - 4 pages over, the U.S. army started using the Alamo again. The Alamo was sold to Texas in 1883 for $20,000. As time went on, the Alamo was continuously being restored to what it is today. The story of the Alamo has been retold by countless people. Not all of these stories are accurate. Many movies have been released about the story of the Alamo. The first movie ever about the Alamo was released in 1911 and movies have been continuously released even

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2440 words - 10 pages no core beliefs; he said what he must to win elections and did what he must to remain in power. It also helped that he was a ruthless dictator who seemed to have little moral objection slaughtering those he perceived as his rivals. General Vicente Filisola was Santa Anna’s second in command at the Battle of the Alamo. Filisola was an Italian-born officer and veteran of various campaigns during the Mexican Civil War. His reputation would

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1978 words - 8 pages The battle at the Alamo is one of the most significant events in the Texas Revolution, as well as in both Mexican and American history. For Mexican President and General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, it was a tale of determination and holding to the principles of a strong, central government. For Americans living in Texas, the Alamo was a venture of small scale Revolutionary ideals; a people should be able to democratically express how they feel

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1533 words - 7 pages the Alamo. His coonskin cap is an emblem that is etched in the minds of many people. Davy Crocket was a powerful statesman, having served as a three-time Tennessean congressional representative, but he had little book learning. His tall tales, in which he described himself as “half-horse, half-alligator,” and his fiddle, along with his expert marksmanship made him an invaluable asset (Landauro; Sorrels 45). His arrival boosted moral greatly and

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1504 words - 6 pages for the first wagon to Tennessee to come by and jumped in, begging the owner to bring him along. When he returned home, he was elected magistrate and later a squire. He had to write laws, but he could barely write his name. He was very clever: he got an assistant to do everything. David saw how to write his name, practiced it, and got it. He was too wise to let anyone now about what he did not. By doing this, he soon got elected to the

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618 words - 3 pages There are several ways for immigrants to come to the United States. One of these ways is obtaining a Green Card, also called a Permanent Residence Card. Immigrants can obtain a Green Card through a variety of ways. 1- Marriage to a U.S. citizen: A U.S. citizen can sponsor her or his spouse through filing a petition based on marriage to the USCIS. The U.S. citizen in this case should file a Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, and provide

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1051 words - 5 pages independence. The south however did not agree and threatened not to pass the declaration. Knowing that nothing would get done if it was not passed, John Adams gave up the war to allow for that to clause remain in the declaration. The declaration eventually was officially in effect on July 4, 1776. So this was the brief account of what actually happened in the American Revolution. Now we shall consider the US-Mexican conflict. Evidence of U.S. expansion is

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845 words - 3 pages . This stage requires one to move from perception to no perception. Through many stages of spiritual evolutions and reincarnations, the Buddhist reaches the state of Nirvana. The transition form one stage to another is based on the actions of the Buddhist. Any kind of intention action whether mental, verbal or physical is regarded as karma.Buddha developed a set of beliefs known as the Four Noble Truths based on his experience about the nature of

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774 words - 3 pages destroy the boy’s civilization and is accountable for two deaths. The beast can be viewed upon as a nonhuman animal, or it can be viewed as the fear and evil inside of us. The beast is evil, is not order, and can be compared to the Lord of the Flies.The beast is evil in the Lord of the Flies because it takes over many of the people and places that evil in the center of them. The boys could have thought clearly and reasonably if they would

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7418 words - 30 pages four hundred years it is damaging to the environment. With this we will seesignificant scarcity and poverty. Underlying these is a number of problems. Oneis discrimination. When resources are scarce, those in power often decide whowon't get a fair share, and may discriminate against gender, other races,religions, or economic classes. Limited resources due to overpopulation willcause people to move in search of more resources. There are hundreds

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2210 words - 9 pages "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand steady to violence on their behalf." - George OrwellWar is usually inevitable. It can be avoided for awhile, but eventually it will occur. Countries fight over power, religion, money, and land. So is war immoral? Is it ever justified? Imagine what our lives would be like if we never went to war. Many things have came about due to the fact that we have had to fight, kill

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1366 words - 5 pages eight hundred men marched day and night until they reached Santa Anna's camp. His scouts destroyed the bridge in which Santa Anna might escape. He was trapped. At once Sam Houston screamed to his men "Remember the Alamo!" The Texans were ready to fight until Santa Anna was defeated and that is what they did. Santa Anna was brought to Sam Houston, as he lay propped up against a tree because his foot had been shot. Houston could have shot

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1196 words - 5 pages make an attack on La Villita, burning several homes which have afforded the Mexican cover.February 27, 1836Attack continues. The defenders are now fighting more than just Mexican Soldiers, now they are fighting the 39 degree tempature.Travis sends Bonham to request help from Colonel Fannin in Goliad.February 28, 1836There is little food and drink in The Alamo. New Mexican soldiers placed about 800 yards to north of The Alamo.February 29, 1836The

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2089 words - 8 pages The Alamo "To the people of Texas and all Americans in the World: I shall never surrender or retreat ... I Am determined to sustain myself as long as possible and die like a soldier who never forgets what it is due to his honor and that of his country-VICTORY OR DEATH." This was a letter sent by William Barret Travis during the siege of the Alamo on February 24, 1836. It was a cry for help to anybody and everybody willing to listen

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1066 words - 4 pages greatly and demanded that Texans (or Americans) do as they were told (McComb 38). However, the Texans were unwilling to listen and this would cause the battle between U.S and Texas more evident and prominent. Although there were several battles in the Texas Independence, the most famous battle was the Battle of Alamo, which can be the main representation of this independence. Though the Texans were whining about the strict rule of Santa Anna, they