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The Alchemist Essay

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Where is the treasure of life located? In the story of The Alchemist, a boy goes on a journey to find the answer. The boy’s name is Santiago, and he is a poor shepherd who lives in an abandoned church in Andalusia, however, his job allows him to travel all around the countryside. His parents would like for him to become a priest, but he enjoys being able to travel with his sheep. He soon meets an old king, the king of Salem, who teaches him all about finding his Personal Legend. He begins a journey to find himself and what it is that he is supposed to be in life. Throughout this essay, the ideas of how this theme fits the novel will be discussed, including specific details along Santiago’s journey which tie in with the theme of the novel. “Where is the treasure of life located?” It is located within yourself, throughout the entire journey.
The king, Melchizedek, is a character in The Alchemist whose story is told in the bible. In the novel How to Read Literature like a Professor, it explains in Chapter Seven that using a character who is actually in the bible can enhance the meaning of the role the character plays in the story. Melchizedek claims that he is “the king of Salem” (19), Santiago is in disbelief of his claim. On page 21, Mel goes on to prove how he is in fact a king by drawing images in the sand which laid out Santiago’s life. Santiago asks why a king would be talking to a shepherd, and he answers with “the most important [reason] is that you have succeeded in discovering his Personal Legend” (21). The use of a bible character allows a “holy” character to be present and assist Santiago along his journey. He goes on to explain how he is always present in some shape or form, and throughout Santiago’s quest, is reminded of things Mel said to do.This goes on to further enhance how the treasure is located within Santiago; the king of Salem uncovered the path to finding it within himself.
From the second Santiago...

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