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The Alchemist, Santiago' S Journey, An Analyse On Santiago' S Journey.

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Alchemist is a story of a shepherd called Santiago and his very own legend. All the story is based on this young man Santiago and his story. Our leading Artist is used by the author to let us know about something that he wants to tell us. He wants us to see our own legends, our own tales... He believes that everyone has their own legends and somehow, by the effects of our life standarts, we can not break the cains and leave our lifes. We do not go through our legends because of our living. He says that we must live our life according to our very own legends. He says that we must follow our legends and always we must listen to our heart. The way that goes through our legends to our treasures, passes from our hearts. He defends that if we live according to our own legends and listen to our hearts to find out own treasures, the entire world will help us. And if we don't, we'll feel the pain of not doing so and our whole life we'll be upsetting and saddening. We should always go behind our legend and follow them but never forget about the beauties around us.The whole story is only 200 pages long and has tons of messages inside directed to the thoughts of the author, which are about how to live our lifes. As we said before, The Author wants to say that we should go through our legends but we should never forget about the beauties around us. And Santiago's life had been created and build according to these ideas. Now its time to have a look at Santiago himself, his life and the whole book.Santiago is actually a young man. He is so exited about traveling, meeting new people and visiting new places. He used to live his ordinary life with his sheeps. Makes his way through the green, wealthy lands and makes them to eat their fill. Feeding his sheeps and traviling to the ordinary places that he has seen thousands of times in his life. His life is so ordinary but he always dreams of different lands different people. He always wanted to be an adventurer an wanted to just tralev all places of the wolrd with doing nothing. Santiago's ordinary life goes on until the day he meets the strange old guy...Santiago starts his journet to go to the merchants to sell the leathers. He also has a platonic love againts the doughter of the merchant. He has spent a year thinking about her. The last time he has seen her was just a year ago, when he came to sell the leathers last year. Actually, he doesn't care about selling the leathers. All he thinks is the girl. On his way to the merchant he met this old man. He told that he is the king of a city. He told him something about his own legand and his own treasure that Santiago has been so influenced by. As we all know, Santiago is a very curious young and agile person. Old man says him that he'll tell him the way that goes to his own treasure. Santiago gets so curious and suspicious at the same time but realizes that something is really going on. First the fortune-teller than this old king. He decides that he has nothing to...

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