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The Alien Formation Essay

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Since the 1600’s, crop circles have fascinated millions. Originally from the town of Hertfordshire, UK, the first circle was claimed to be by the “Mowing-Devil”, as found in an English newspaper dated back to 1678. (Gail) The image in the center of the paper depicts a small, devilish creature with a scythe, mowing two rectangular, offset circles. Modern circles form themselves in anything that will take imprint, typically in fields of oats, barley, or corn. (Pringle 5) Since the 1600’s forward, crop circles have dramatically become more complex. Many people believe that they are works of art, while some believe they are an act of vandalism. But who, or what, are forming these beautiful patterns? Some say they are natural, created by the wind, or some strange force beneath the earth’s core¬¬¬. Others believe that they are created as messages for the human race by a species indigenous to earth, namely trolls, gnomes, and fairies, even though there is no real evidence to support this. Contrary to these ideas, however, extraterrestrial life may be the most probable answer.
There is no doubt that somewhere; there is a group of vandals whose sole goal is to destroy farmland to create this “art”. There is even evidence of out there of these vandals with websites such as Interestingly enough, it is easy to distinguish a hoaxed circle from a genuine one. To start, all genuine circles have a 90-degree deformation at the stem node of all of the plants in the circle. This creates the “flattened” shape that makes the imprint of the circle; also this effect is only achieved through intense heat applied to the plants, the heat source believed to be plasma, and not through wooden boards. (Burns 22) Many counteract this idea by stating that the apical node is meant to bend because it’s its job to do so. This is true: the node in the plant is responsible for bending the stem in relative position to the sun. However, apical nodes in crop formations are found not to bend in direction of the sun, but bent towards the direction of the ground. Moreover, with the intense heat applied to the stalks, the moisture inside of the stem boils and causes the nodes to explode, leaving one, or many, small, but visible holes. (Stewart 52-53) These triple with another abnormality, found in most genuine circles: small, magnetized iron spheres. Some set in the soil, and some inside of the plant tissue itself. These were first discovered in 1993 Cherhill, England, in which many of the plants of the formation were coated with an iron glaze. (Talbott) Photomicrographs provided by the BLT Research Team closely show such evidence of these iron spheres. Using these abnormalities, Nancy Talbott of The BLT Research Team conducted a study with M.I.T. Undergraduates assigning them to create a crop circle hoax that fit all three parameters. Although the resulting crop circle did not consist of any of the abnormalities Talbott stated, the students did manage to accomplish a...

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