The Change In Gender Proportion For Ob/Gy Ns

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If you were a pregnant women going into labor, or the father of this unborn child, how would you feel if the Obstetrics/Gynecologist (OB/GYN), who will be giving life to this baby, was a man? As a women, would you be comfortable with a stranger seeing your sex organs and having his hands down there? Or as a man, would you feel comfortable having another man touch and see your future child’s mother’s reproductive organs? This is an ongoing controversy that has been becoming more of issue as more women are becoming doctors. Medicine has historically been a profession dominated by men. (1) This same article also said that 49% of medical school’s applicants and students are now women, in contrary to just a few decades ago. (1) Since men were the only medical providers in the past, or the vast majority, women did not have a choice as to who will be their OB/GYN; they were only given the option of male physicians.

Since the boom of women in the medical profession, this statistic has changed. Over the years there has been a huge spike in the amount of female physicians specializing in OB/GYN, compared to other specialties such as urology. (2) Female physicians now dominate this specialty and are in many other specialties and sub-specialties as well. I believe this shift in gender proportion is highly due to the fact the women want to be in a specialty that is specific to only female patients. There can also be argument that women are drawn to a specialty that involves a lot of nurturing and includes being able to give the gift of life; something that only women are able to do in the first place. Women increasingly prefer to have female OB/GYNs. Women may prefer female OB/GYN to a male because they may feel more comfortable having someone of the same sex, who shares the same body parts, can relate to the issues that may occur, and may be more understanding and sympathizing. My grandmother would always say that women share pain and experiences that men will never be able to feel or understand. My grandmother’s words go along well with this female superiority in OB/GYN; I believe the process of childbirth has a lot to do with what she was talking about. These female patients have every right to refuse to see a physician of the non-preferred gender; seeing an OB/GYN means one will be sharing information of their sex organs, talk about their sex lives, and have the physician...

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