The Change Of The Gangster Genre

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The Change of the Gangster Genre

The two films that I have chosen to analyze are Carlito's Way (1993)
and Out of Sight (1998) both films are of the gangster/crime genre.
Genre means what type anything belongs to, or what kind of category
something can be placed in.

The gangster films belong to the crime genre. The most popular
gangster films made were in the 1930's, during this period America was
going through the depressions and audiences wanted the characters of
these gangster films to gain money, wealth and power during a time of
economic decline. The gangster characters in the films were seen as
living the American dream but not lawfully or legally. But audiences
could relate to these gangsters because of prohibition as well. This
Crime genre basically is evolved around how the illegal supply of
alcohol during the prohibition was making gangsters rich and powerful,
and this is how the so-called Mafia came about.

One of the greatest characters in film history called, Al Pacino
established him self during the film's greatest decade, the 1970's.
During this period Al Pacino was offered the part for Michael Corleone
in Godfather, The (1972). Nobody wanted him to have the part but
afterwards nobody complained. Due to the success of the film two
sequels followed and the first sequel The Godfather, Part 2 won was
the first sequel ever to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Al Pacino came from an Italian background therefore was the perfect
actor to play gangster roles. He made numerous films later on but the
ones that stand out are Scarface (1983) and Carlito's Way, both
directed by Brian DePalma.

Carlito's Way is set in the mid 70' in New York, USA. Carlito is a
small time ex druglord trying to get away from this type of lifestyle.
He keeps trying to break away but always seems to be back where he
originally put himself. Carlito Brigante's intention is to go straight
but his past keeps haunting him. David Koepp's screenplay has the
depth it needs when an ex-druglord must endure when trying to escape
his violent past. The editing and Stephen Burum's camerawork are a
visual splendor for the emotional story.

Al Pacino also narrates his own film which makes the viewer be on his
side a lot of the time as we only se his views and life through
Carlito's eyes.

Carlito is dressed quiet smartly in black suits and ties whereas his
other gangster mates sometimes dressed in colourful clothes, totally
keeping them and Carlito apart. The start of the film starts with
weird and unusual camera angle's on Pacino as Carlito is passing out
looking at a picture of Hawaii and the word Paradise and palm trees
which we saw in Scarface so this is self referential cinema. This use
of palm trees connotes paradise and trying to tell Carlito that heaven
is a bit too far for him to...

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