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In Walker Percy’s “The Loss of the Creature” he attempts to portray the idea that perspective can be skewed by another’s story, personal experience, and other factors that lead people to have these expectations of a sight or study that lessen the experience. He demonstrates this when he makes mention of the tourists at the Grand Canyon, and the Biology student getting compared to the Falkland Islander. The facts he presents are true, but Percy does not go into detail about individual cases leading to a generalized essay that does not show that each individual account is different, and not all expectations are changed from other information given to people will taint the learning environment or the experience, and because of this the points that are not mentioned as well as Percy’s thoughts will be explained and expanded on.
Everyone’s experience is not all the same similarly to the Grand Canyon situation that is mentioned by Percy. The individual needs to be taken into consideration. Like with me, I went to many tourists spots, such as the Valley of Ten Peaks, that are talked among many people that and have been influenced by the media, but when I got their I was left speechless by the sight of the of the Peaks. This experience is a counter point Percy’s idea, that prejudges of situations can skew the perspective of people. Percy states “[a tourist] Does not one see the same sight from the Bright Angel Lodge that Cardenas saw” (Percy 464). This quote explains how people cannot see the true beauty of a sight with these expectations that block it for us. Most of the time I have had my expectations of a sight given to me by media or other people lessen my experiences in life. This occurs because how much someone is willing to let someone else view of something govern their perspective.
The example that Percy uses to show that acquiring new information before seeing a sight takes away from the true beauty of the sight. The sight that he uses is the Grand Canyon and how tourists go there with this idea of what to expect with all the stories and postcards and other media describing it. Percy describes the “it” of our dreams (Percy 464). This “it” is that sense of discovery, newness, and/or wonderment of the site. Percy is trying to state that thousands of people go to see the Grand Canyon and none of them with this idea of what to expect can see it as beautiful as the person that discovers it or the people that just happen to stumble upon it. This thought comes about when media and other sources influence a person. People talk about a television show that is said to be the best show, but when other view this broadcast they do not feel the show is not as good as others say. Percy says “the place is seen by a million a single sightseer does not see value P but a millionth part of value P. ” showing that there is an amount of advertising that makes these set expectations (Percy 459). It can be surmised that Percy means the more people that see it the...

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