The Alternate Ending To Most Dangerous Game

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After crouching behind the stump of a lighting-charred tree, he grasped his heart once more to realize the rate at which it was beating for the second time. His hope was to capture Zaroff, and that’s what he had foreseen happening. Or, of course, he seeing the trap and avoiding it and calling out to Rainsford again. As soon as he had began to settle down he heard what sounds like a man’s cry. He jumped up to verify his thoughts and noticed that the man he had heard was far from being Zaroff, it was his expedition mate Whitney. He quickly overlooked the area assuring that Zaroff wasn’t around and ran to help his friend. Being Whitney, he was frightened unsure of what or who had caught him. ...view middle of the document...

They sit down and brainstorm a booby trap, keeping in mind they have no idea of how long they have until Zaroff comes across them again.
Zaroff and Ivan only made it a little ways before Ivan ran into some poison ivy. Poison ivy on the island is very extreme and when not treated properly can take over the body. The two rush to the house to get him medicated and under good care because he is Zaroff’s best man. After he is taken care of and in bed resting, Zaroff heads back out giving himself the direction of which he believes he heard Rainsford.
By now the men have constructed a booby trap that they have great confidence in. It begins with a sting designed to trip him but Rainsford remembered how he studied the ground so inventively and imagined him looking at the ground and noticing the line and simply stepping over it. From there he would most likely expect something more so most likely hesitate for a second or two. Well the two have a large rock sitting upon a tree branch with a limb wedged under it holding it in place. When the wedge is removed, the rock comes tumbling down and takes out the enemy. If timed right, they think it will do the trick for them to have enough time to tie him up and do what they need from there. There is some areas where it could go wrong but for backup they have the second man two trees down with the knife ready to attack and stab him if the rock fails.
After about four hours of waiting they finally hear something. This time it is Zaroff not just a squirrel passing by. He does...

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