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In New York City Spider-Man was protecting the innocent, and his loved ones as usually, but he was hurt when fighting and defeating Doc Oc., and decided to quit being Spider-Man. But after many innocent people were hurt by the Green Goblin Peter Parker decides to come back as Spider-Man. When his lifelong love Gwen Stacy his captured by the Green Goblin. Spider-Man, otherwise known as Peter Parker, was taking a walk, and the Green Goblin came, and captured Gwen Stacy, which is Spider-Man’s secret lifelong love. Then the Green Goblin announces his name to the huge crowd in New York City , “I am the Green Goblin and I will kill Spider-Man.”
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Spider-Man opened the trapdoor and all the water drains out. Spider-Man walks in the trap. He walks for about an hour and finally comes to a door. Spider-Man opens the door and it leads to the Green Goblins secret laboratory where the Green Goblin tests his Goblin Formula. Spider-Mans hears a noise. It’s the Green Goblin he’s talking to his son Harry Osborn? Spider-Man accidently talks out loud and says “Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin are the same people?”
Norman Osborn otherwise known as the Green Goblin says, “ Who was that!”
“How is he the Green Goblin?” thought Spider-Man.
Spider-Man swings out through the window, while thinking, “ What am I going to tell his son Harry.” thought Spider-Man.
Spider-Man swings to his house where his Aunt lives because both his parents died when he was young. “Now that the Green Goblin knows who Spider-Man’s real identity Green Goblin probably knows I live.” thinks Spider-Man.
The next day Spider-Man otherwise known as Peter Parker drives to school trying to lure the Green Goblin in. In the middle of the day the microphone turns on and it’s not the principal it’s the Green Goblin and he says “Come out come out wherever you Spider-Man”.
Then Spider-Man sprints to a close janitor room and changes into his Spider-Man outfit. Meanwhile the Green Goblin flies to the bridge where Gwen his tied at the top. Spider-Man swings across the city following the Green Goblin. Spider-Man yells, “Where is she?”
“Right here”says the Green Goblin while pointing at Gwen tied to the top of the Bridge.
“Help!” screams Gwen.
Spider-Man shoots a a webball at the Green Goblin whichs knocks him off his Goblin Glider. “Ahhh!” screams the Green Goblin.
But his glider follows him and dives under him and picks him up. While the Green Goblin was falling, Spider-Man unties Gwen and swings away and puts her on a safe place on the ground. Gwen yells, “Watch Out!”.
The Green Goblin comes from behind and throws him in the water. Spider-Man who is not a good swimmer shoots his web and throws himself at the Green Goblin....

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