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The Amazing Story Of Chuck Norris

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The Amazing Story of Chuck Norris
How and why did Chuck Norris get to be so famous? He got to be the rough, American tough guy he is now because he worked hard at what he did. Chuck Norris never quit anything he started. Once he got a taste of martial arts in the Air Force. He just had to learn more and take it to the next level. The first form of Martial Arts Chuck Norris mastered was Tang Soo Do.
About Chuck Norris’s Family
Chuck Norris had a family who loved him very much. His mother’s name is Wilma Norris. She was a wonderful, loving mom, with a wonderful dream of having an average American family. Her husband on the other hand, had a very different way of thinking. His name was Ray Norris. His idea of a good time was to go out to the bar every night and get drunk, then come home and beat his wife. He was considered a womanizer. Ray’s aggressive behavior and obsession with alcohol left him stranded from work many different times. Therefore, he spent a lot of time looking for work and a way to make money. (Hemingway 12)
Right from the start, Norris had to fight to survive. He was born on March 10, 1940, in a little town called Ryan, Oklahoma. He had trouble breathing and needed to be fed with an eyedropper before he was aloud out of the hospital. Wilma and Ray were terrified of the thought of losing their first son. Wilma and Ray Norris named their son Carlos Ray Norris. He did not get the name “Chuck” until he enlisted in the Air Force. They decided to name him after the minister in their town, after he said a few words for “Chuck” when he almost didn’t make it in the hospital.
As time went on, the family of Wilma, Ray, and Carlos grew. A brother named Wieland came into their lives in 1943. Also, in 1951, a brother named Aaron made the family complete. The Norris Family moved thirteen times before “Chuck” was 15. (Hemingway 12)
Chucks Childhood and before he was the American Tough Guy
Being in many different towns, Chuck got a chance to see a lot of movies. He spent most of his time at the movies. He grew up watching other American tough guys and cowboy stars, such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper, just to name a couple. He spent so many hours at the movies because he lacked a good male role model at home. He saw movie stars as male role models, who took the place of his own womanizing father. Norris was raised mostly by his mother and grandmother. His mother provided him with love and support.
A Bully
Norris was not afraid of any chore. He handled life without any complaint. However in school, he was quiet and withdrawn from the rest of the children. Norris’ classmates often targeted him with ethnic slurs because of his Native American background. The biggest kid in Norris class, a boy named Bobby, would chase him home almost every day. The Norris’s groundskeeper named Jack told him to stop running. He said that Chuck must face this bully. Realizing Jack was right Chuck tracked down and...

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