The Amazing Story Of The Kind Uncle Tom

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In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Uncle Tom is the character that stands out the most. When Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote this book, it was good that she added Tom in because he is a good role model for people, especially in 1852 when the slavery was a problem. He was the main problem or solution throughout the whole book, and he had a wonderful personality. He never used violence as a solution, and he was the most selfless person there is. Uncle Tom was very religious and never was a sinner, and he would go out of his way to get people to believe in God, so his fellow slaves would have a “light” in their life. After Tom died, he had convinced George Shelby to free all of his slaves.
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He would try to tell his fellow slaves that if they just prayed and believed in God, then they too would be as strong as Tom was. He even converted some people to Christianity, like Eva. When she was on her death bed, not only was she a new believer of god, but she also tried to get her dad to end slavery.
Uncle Tom gets his title because it’s a derogatory term that apparently describes him. Uncle Tom is used for when a black person is very obedient to his master. Even when Tom was treated terribly, he still obeyed his master because it was the right thing to do. He would do anything but something that is a sin. For example, when Legree told him to beat the sick woman because she didn’t collect enough cotton, he refused because it meant using violence.
In 1852, the Fugitive Slave Act was a big issue for slaves, and anyone aiding the slaves to freedom. When slaves tried to leave slavery, they either fled to Canada and lived there until they could move somewhere else outside of the Americas, or they fled to the northern states and hoped to not get caught by the slave catchers. Most slaves fled to Canada so they didn’t have a risk because they were not on American land so they couldn’t do anything about it. Because of that, the black population of Canada increased by twenty percent in ten years. Many reached freedom by the Underground Railroad, a trail of secret routes and safe houses. Also anyone who helped the slaves get to their free destination, by letting them spend the night, or giving them food or money to keep going, was fined heavily and sentence...

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